Are you interested in learning about esports betting odds? This brief but thorough guide covers everything, from identifying the various odds types and how to understand them to calculate your chances of winning.

Esports odds are mostly comparable to those offered by a traditional bookmaker. If you want to succeed with your esports betting endeavors, you must at least have a fundamental grasp of the skills, odds, and formatting involved.

How Esports Odds Work

Odds refer likelihood of something happening. In other words, you can use odds to determine your chances of winning as a percentage and how much you might win from a bet on Parimatch esport betting online or any other betting sites. 

The bookmakers receive cash whenever players place their stakes, and they pay out whenever they win the bets. 

Bookmakers are in no position to manipulate the results of games. However, they set the odds for all games, which determines the amount the wagers get if they correctly predict the outcome of the results. 

Esports vs. Sports Odds 

The good news for sports bettors is that esports betting odds are pretty similar to traditional sports betting odds in how they are calculated. 

Using the identical formulas for both, you can determine your chances of winning as a percentage and your expected earnings if the bet is successful.

There are more ways to boost odds and place wagers on traditional sports than esports.

Esports Betting Odds Formats 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re betting on Call of Duty or Hearthstone—knowing the odds is critical for each esports wager you make. The following is a summary of the five odds forms and an explanation of how to interpret them. 

1. Fractional Odds

Fractional Odds are the most prevalent odds format for horse racing. This odd format is easy to grasp in its simplest form. For example, if you bet £10 on a team to win at 2/1, you’ll get £20 back and a 33.3% chance of a winning bet. 

However, the format can be complicated if you predict more significant scores like 23/10. Fortunately, online features, like Online Esports Odds Converters, can simplify things for you. Alternatively, you can use more modern and more straightforward odds formats. 

2. Decimal Odds

Due to their widespread understanding and ease of reading, decimal odds are currently the most often utilized esports betting odds worldwide. These are the esports odds that you will probably have to deal with unless you live in the US or the UK.

3. American Odds

Esports gamblers outside the United States and Canada are at first baffled by American odds. However, when you understand how American odds operate, you may be shocked to learn that they are the simplest, with negative and positive chances both available in the United States.

4. Positive Number Odds

In positive number odds, if you stake $100 and the odds are good, the figure you see represents the amount you stand to win. For example, if the odds are +200, a $100 wager may get you $200 in winnings. This does not include your investment; thus, your profit is only calculated with your stake—precisely as with fractional odds.

5. Negative Number Odds

Negative Number odds relate to the amount of money you’d have to bet to win a certain amount. For instance, if the odds are -200, you’ll need to wager $200 to win $100.

How to Read Esports Betting Odds – Use Your Tools

The most excellent and user-friendly esports gambling sites now include bet slips that calculate your potential earnings for you, making it immediately clear whether your wager is justified. On the other hand, skin gambling is slightly different since it involves wagering on virtual in-game goods rather than actual money.

Bottom Line 

Learn the game before you stake your hard-earned cash on a player or team. If you aren’t acquainted with the top esports games, you have no business betting on them. Instead, ensure that you first learn and practice on them. Parimatch is one of the best online betting platforms that allows users to even stake on live odds—so you’ll definitely want to check it out. 


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