With the pandemic having taken a back seat in the past few months, Halloween is now met with even more excitement. The lockdown had everyone indoors, resenting the fact that they couldn’t spend one of the best holidays of the year.

But 2021 Halloween saw a significantly higher average spending per person, and especially in Australia, Halloween is growing year by year. This trend is only projected to grow upwards in the coming years, and it is better to be prepared.

Therefore, gather your family members and get ready to get spooky. Buy costumes online for your entire family and gear up for Halloween 2022. Read on for popular family costume ideas.

Top costume ideas for your family this Halloween

Here are some of the best family Halloween costume ideas for Halloween 2022.

1. Wreck-it Ralph!

Does anyone remember the 2012 Disney Blockbuster Wreck-It Ralph? If yes, then you are in for a treat.

Well, isn’t it obvious why this is the perfect family costume choice? Since someone in the family is always wrecking and destroying something, dressing up as Ralph and his pals will also work on a symbolic level.

Moreover, if there’s a neat-freak back at home, maybe let them assume the role of Fix-it Felix?

2. Adventure Time

Adventure time is definitely one of the fondest childhood cartoons ever made. So, this Halloween, why not dress up as Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, and other characters of this mystical world to bring a little bit of adventure into everyone’s life.

Grab your family, grab your costumes, and get ready for Adventure Time!

3. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Power Rangers have essentially been a part of everyone’s childhood, although through different iterations. So, if you want to meet your kids on the middle ground, dress your family up as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and get ready to go out there and save the world.

Moreover, it is always a treat to see your kids in matching superhero costumes! So why not?

4. The Freak Show

Isn’t this the perfect way to describe any family? The Freak Show-inspired costumes can have you assume the role of bearded ladies, gypsies, lion tamers, etc.! With your family having a plethora of distinct personalities, dawning on The Freak Show costumes will make a lot of sense.  

Guardians of the Galaxy

One of the most lovable characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, A Guardians of the Galaxy costume is perfect for your family. Dress up as Peter Quill and his gang and go out there and save Halloween!

5. Flintstones Family

One of the most classic family costumes, the Flinstones embodiment, is now coming back in trend. Travel back to the cavemen era with a classic Flinstones Family costume set.

Put down your phones and pads for a while, and get back into the pre-historic times with the wonky Flinstones Family costume set!

6. Potter Family

Last but not least, don’t forget the Potter family! Dawn the role of wizards and enter the muggle world for a magical Halloween experience.


With 2022 Halloween being highly anticipated, make sure you buy costumes online well beforehand. Make a small checklist, so you don’t miss out on tiny costume details, and make sure the costumes are made up of good quality materials.

So, gear up, get your family costumes right, and enjoy a thrilling Halloween 2022!

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