Staying Healthy

With our busy daily schedule, staying healthy has become a challenge now. This might be the reason why you landed on this article. You wanted to use some help for your staying healthy journey. 

The world has become digital now, and we are searching for a digital solution for almost everything and anything.

When it comes to staying healthy, we also want some AI-based applications to guide us with the steps we need to take. The blessing is there are actually a number of applications, wish is particularly designed for providing the much-needed guidance and assistance to its users. 

Staying healthy does not mean having a great and fit physique only. Along with your physical health, your mental health is equally important, as both of them leave impacts on one another. 

Top Health Apps For Staying Healthy In 2022

Here, in this article, now we will talk about the best apps you should download and start using for staying healthy in 2022. 

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Now, let’s start with the main topic of that application. 

#1 HealthTap

Are you a Googler of health concerns and symptoms? 

If yes, then this particular application is ready to answer millions of questions from actual doctors with a degree. You can ask questions about anything and everything here. 

In case you can not find an answer to one of your queries, you can post the question, and within 24 hours, a doctor will respond to that. 

You also can book a live consultation with dentists, doctors, and psychologists, along with viewing your results and managing your prescriptions. 

#2 Talkspace

For a huge number of people, physically visiting a psychiatrist is not possible due to a number of reasons. 

Social taboos are one of them, and from our busy schedule, we also fail to get some time and visit the psychiatrist. This is where Talkspace comes into action. It offers easy access and makes the whole experience free from any type of issue. 

Everything starts with a questionnaire, which conveys your requirements, goals, preferences, etc. After that, the application matches you with a number of therapists. 

#3 Noom

Whether you are just looking to eat a nutritious diet or shed some pounds, Noom will get you covered. First, you need to fill out a questionnaire about your weight, lifestyle habits, health goals, and coaching preferences. 

After that, you will get matched with a health coach who will help you to reach your goals by working you. Every day you will get a push notification, which will tell you the tasks for the particular day. 

#4 Fooducate

As they say, we become what we eat. 

Most of us do not have a proper idea about what we are eating. Yes, we know we are having a medium-sized pizza, but we do not know what nutritional value it is serving. 

In order to stay healthy, tracking your nutritious consumption is essential. Fooducate will guide you with what type of food you should eat on the basis of your lifestyle, weight, height, age, gender, and health conditions. 

#5 Hello Heart

Now, this is an Apple watch app that lets you keep track of your blood pressure in a fun and leisurely way. It records your vital signs directly from your wrist when you are casually living your life. 

Just after recording the readings, it also analyzes the numbers and lets you know what they actually mean. This way, you will be able to get all the information you might need to give to your primary care provider in case of necessity. 

Stay Healthy And Fit!

Among all these applications, you can choose anyone and start your journey of being and staying healthy. 

Here is a better idea for you. You can try all of these applications and then choose the most suitable one which is perfectly serving your requirements and helps you achieve your goals. 

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