Are you looking for a way out of the shackles of employment? You are tired of constant supervision and following orders that sometimes do not make sense. Then this article is the way out that you have been looking for. The surest way of gaining financial independence is by starting your own business.

Having your successful business venture, regardless of its size, is a good thing. Financial stability and independence are the end goal for most of us, others find them through employment, but most of us would like to gain the same under our terms. This article is a guide for those looking to start their own small-scale business ventures.

Delivery Business


A delivery business is a very suitable business to start during these times. The Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the world, and we are still reeling from the aftershock. The preventive measures to avoid a high infection rate favor the delivery business. Social distancing, in particular, has created a suitable ground for this business.

Liaise with restaurants, retail shops, hardware, furniture shops, and other businesses that require ferrying materials from one place to another. To get a more extensive market base, provide additional packaging services. Obtain packaging boxes from a known plastic packaging boxes manufacturer. Starting this business would be a smart move.

Airbnb Business


The air mattress bed and breakfast business, commonly referred to as Airbnb, is a fast-rising business. The number of people turning their houses into Airbnbs is increasing rapidly. The business entails opening up your house for people to stay in for a short duration.

Your private space will most likely be infringed upon. Thus it is preferable to use a holiday home or a house you do not stay in occasionally. The house should be in pristine condition to attract regular customers. Get good furniture, quality tables from a good tabletop production line or quality furniture shops. Market Airbnb online, and clients will keep knocking at your door.

Travel Agency/ Consultancy


The development of Covid-19 vaccines has encouraged people to travel more, whether it is visiting your loved ones who stay miles away or finally getting that holiday trip off your wishlist. You will require the services of a travel agency or consultant; they will help you save up on costs as they know the affordable routes, airlines that you should book with.

The travel agencies are aware of the safest routes, the best hotels for you to stay in, and even the best airline that you should book a flight with. This business is slowly taking root and is very profitable; ensure you are knowledgeable in travel matters before setting up the business.

Advertising Business


The advertising sector is a vital part of the business community whose importance often goes unnoticed. The conventional forms of advertisement are really expensive and not suitable for all kinds of businesses. Start an advertising firm that could cater to both ends of the spectrum.

Medium-sized billboards, posters, gifs, and short videos are all conventional forms of advertising that can be undertaken easily by anyone with graphic design skills. You can also use LED strip lights advertising, get the strip lights from the best LED light manufacturers in China. A steady advertising business will help you rake in a lot of profit.

Event Planning


Events happen all around the year; weddings, family gatherings, and many other themed events happen each day. Good venues are hard to get at this time of the year as they are fully booked. This shows the vast field of opportunities that one could capitalize on if they choose to do this business.

Event planning does not require any type of special training; a course in public relations, hospitality, and marketing will suffice. The business requires a lot of organization and planning as the clients prefer a person who would conform to their preference.

Online Work


People are making a lot of money with only a computer and an internet connection. There is a whole multitude of online jobs that one could partake in. From blog writing to translation and transcription, all of them are potential moneymakers that could earn you more money than you make while working in an office. 

This is not a conventional business, but you could end up hiring others and helping them. As it is not a normal business, conventional tax laws do not apply, and you could end up saving more money.


Many people feel oppressed by the employment system.  Working under the whims of another person could end up heaping a lot of pressure on an individual. To avoid this and many other challenges, people instead opt to start their own businesses. This article is a guide on the best businesses you could start and make a lot of profit.


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