Marijuana culture refers to the social atmosphere or associated social behaviors related to marijuana consumption. Experts mention marijuana has a long history, and people have been using it for centuries. However, here are a few things you didn’t know about this culture. 

Many Names of Marijuana

Marijuana is known by many names like pot, weed, and Mary Jane, but much of the world knows it now by its scientific name, “cannabis.” As per marijuana news today, though marijuana was illegal and remains illegal in many countries, some nations like the US have legalized cannabis for medical and recreational use. 

Pot of Gold 

It is often called a pot of gold, and organic weed cultivation can help countries earn billions due to the increasing use of cannabis as medicine. Experts mention cannabis has psychoactive properties that help treat anxiety and reduce cancer symptoms. Cannabis cultivation and processing can create tens of thousands of jobs, and legalizing it can help the state earn additional tax revenues. 

CBD as Medicine

Cannabidiol (CBD) offers various medicinal benefits. It can be used to treat childhood epilepsy syndromes and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome that do not respond to anti-seizure medications. In addition, experts mention CBD can also help with tobacco addiction, chronic pain with arthritis, insomnia, and anxiety. 

Lab Test for CBD Products 

CBD products available in markets are lab tested. The lab test can determine the purity and authenticity of the product. Leading CBD manufacturers send their products to third-party laboratories to confirm the customers are getting the right amount of this chemical from the product.

THC Content and CBD Products 

As per marijuana news today, some CBD products, especially poor-quality ones, have THC content. Experts mention that THC content can make your drug test positive and make you high. High-quality CBD products specially used for medical products do not contain THC. If you buy these products for medical reasons, you should check the THC content mentioned on the product label. 

As per US laws, CBD products should not have more than 0.3% THC. Any product that contains more than 0.35 THC can be termed illegal in the US. Therefore, if you are going for any drug screening, you should avoid taking CBD products that contain THC. 

Social Support for Communities Negatively Affected by Legislation

Cannabis was considered an illegal substance for several decades in the US. Due to the past legislation, many people and communities consuming cannabis were negatively affected. After several US states have legalized cannabis, there is increased social support for communities affected by past legislation. 

Some lawmakers are clearing the ways for individuals and communities serving sentences for illegal possession and use of marijuana. Lawmakers mention that the state government which has legalized cannabis, should set free individuals booked for possession and use of cannabis.

Also, these convicts should be given an opportunity as dispensary operators and marijuana growers. The states should also expunge their criminal records. 

An Increasing Number of Dispensaries Downtown

The stigma attached to cannabis and its use is whitewashed, and you can see cannabis dispensaries in hip and gentrified areas.  

These are a few things about Marijuana culture that show the changing image of this once illegal substance. 

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