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YouTube was created in 2005, and its initial concept was to quickly transfer a large number of videos and publish them in an open online space. And up to a certain time, the hosting functionality did not change, but after a few years of the site’s existence, active and enterprising users realized that the platform could become an excellent marketing tool for promotion.

Since then, major brands, influencers and celebrities have started using the platform’s capabilities to the maximum. To stand out from the crowd, they have to put a lot of effort, time and even money. However, the fruits of this work bring excellent results. Therefore, the authors of new channels buy real youtube subscribers for a quick start and create an attractive page appearance, experienced makers use keywords and hashtags, and entrepreneurs cooperate with influencers to attract new customers. We will talk about these and several other effective ways of promotion in this article.

Optimize your content to visibility. Youtube is the second most visited resource after the Google search service. It is obvious that many Internet users use video hosting not only to watch videos of their favorite authors, but also to search for information of interest. Search queries that start with the words “how” and “why” are the most popular on YouTube. This means that many viewers prefer to receive information in video format and rely on the opinions of real people. 

And in order to increase the chance of getting more views, you need to use some SEO optimization tips :

1. Include keywords in the title and description of the clips. You can use the services to choose thematic words or find videos on your topic and use the words that are included in the most viewed of them.

2. Mention keywords in your clips. According to many popular makers, this method allows YouTube algorithms to better understand what your content is about.

3. The right choice of category contributes to the fact that the website will be shown only to those users who may be interested in the topic.

4. In addition to categories, you can also use hashtags to help algorithms get the most detailed description about your content.

Many makers are interested in the opportunity to buy youtube subscribers, especially those who have just started their journey in video marketing. Creating a base of followers allows you to be more competitive on the site, create a solid look of the page and increase the chance to get into the recommendations of a large number of users. The ranking system is arranged in this way: the more subscribers, likes and comments on the channel, the more likely it is that you will be able to attract the attention of new viewers. 

Algorithms will recommend your videos for viewing, but only if you use a high-quality paid service. The purchase of bots is due to the fact that the channel can get into a shadow ban or be blocked. To avoid this, choose your company carefully. Analyze reviews about the service, chat with managers in the chat and ask interesting questions, or just follow the link that we wrote above. This way you will be able to buy accounts of real people, and this will have a great effect on channel statistics and video ranking.

Figure out what your followers want. Starting from writing several suggestions “about yourself” on the channel and ending with creating content, you need to rely on the interests of the audience. Your goal is to understand what interests potential followers and use it in future promotion. If you started developing an account recently, then the best solution would be to analyze the videos of competitors or other authors who shoot similar content. This will give you an opportunity to understand which clips are gaining the most views, likes and comments. Use this when creating your own videos. But if you have already posted several publications, then use the statistical data provided by the site for authors.

Communicate with the audience. Although YouTube does not look like a network for communication, in fact on the site users often communicate with each other in comments, share impressions and give advice to makers. Any interaction you have with the audience is regarded in a positive way. Communicating with followers will help you strengthen your connections and create the effect of more personal communication. Responses to comments do not take much time, as it may seem at first glance, but users will regard this as a positive sign and will continue to support your videos. Express appreciation to the audience, answer questions and respond to any feedback, even if they are negative.

The increase in the audience in the network does not happen instantly and accidentally. To achieve the desired result, you will have to put in a lot of effort, but sooner or later you will realize that it was not in vain. Use the ways we shared today so that tomorrow your channel will change beyond recognition. Good luck!


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