DDP Property is a real estate investment model that has been growing in popularity due to its terrific profitability and safety. It can grow with your needs and fits into most people’s pre-existing investment portfolios. DDP is now widely known as the best property investment because it allows investors to leverage their money without putting their entire life savings on the line, as well as offering high returns that are often greater than those of stocks, bonds, or even precious metals such as gold or silver coins.

Reasons to be addicted:

The likelihood of losing money with DDP Property is remarkably low – less than 0.65%. What this means is if you invest with DDP Property Fund, you can make money in any market condition!

The return it offers is high. The average return per year for each of our property investments is almost 8%, and with most investment tools or models, you are lucky to get 3% on average returns per year.

It has very low yearly maintenance fees, unlike other investment models.

You do not need to be a financial expert to become an investor in the Fund. Our team does all the work for you, which means higher returns because your money will be working faster.

DDP properties give investors the opportunity to benefit from a proven profitable business model. DDP has a track record of a decade of successful investments and will continue growing at a fast rate.

If you invest in the Fund today, you will be able to set up convenient automatic monthly or quarterly payments, whereby your money will be deposited into our account on time and automatically invested for you.

  • DDP properties make great gifts.
  • The DDP team makes it easy to invest.

DDP properties are legitimate investments that you can buy with your own cash, without any bank account or brokerage required, and with no additional fees.

You’ll receive monthly or quarterly updates of our investment performance (all investment income, including depreciation).

DDP properties give investors the opportunity to make a 2% annualized return on their money for more than 10 years. Evidence suggests that this offer is one of the most profitable in the world! Bold is relevant; strike-through is important; Italics are speculative.

You can borrow the money to invest and then pay back the loan with your profits over time.

There is no longer a holding period for DDP properties: we typically sell them after five years and realize a quick return on our money (and yours).

You will receive an annual 1099 tax form from us at the year-end. The tax treatment of our investment income is exactly the same as for any other sources of income such as interest, wages, or stock dividends. This means you do not need to file any special forms (a simple 1040EZ or Form 1040 will suffice).

Additional information:

The Fund does not issue any stocks or bonds; that’s what we do for other people. Instead, we use the money entrusted to us to directly acquire such assets as property, houses, apartments, stores, and warehouses. These properties are then sold through auctions or direct sales because they have a higher value than those who believe they have already reached their value.

A real estate investment fund is a pooled fund that invests in real estate typically by acquiring the existing property or building that it seeks to invest in. The Fund then utilizes its cash flow to purchase additional property, usually rent-yielding properties, resulting in an immediate return on investment. This can be taxed as income, but this income is offset by capital gains taxes provided the investor does not hold the assets for more than three years.

The value of a property or building depends on many factors including market value, economic climate, location, and cost of alternatives. We are able to acquire properties at a great value because the DDP Fund has built up a reputation for receiving very low offers from other investors while receiving high offers from us.


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