As we get older, our body doesn’t produce as much collagen that makes our skin loses its firmness and shape. Furthermore, the thin skin of the neck might sag, creating the illusion of a “turkey neck.”

Multiple surgeries can contour the neckline to reduce the signs of ageing and make you look youthful and sleeker. The skin in the neckline (along with the rest of the face) begins to sag as our skin loses elasticity. 

Many individuals notice saggy skin, muscular laxity, and extra fat in the neck area. Neck lifts and chin or neck microliposuction both define and sculpt the neckline. Still, they function in diverse ways, and one operation may be better suited to your needs than another.

What Neck Contouring Options Do I Have?

A broad or loose jawline is one feature of the face that can make people appear older. In addition, poor neck contours can have a substantial impact on facial look. Many clinics offer several procedures to restore facial contours and correct sagging skin around the jawline.

 A neck lift or liposuction performed alone or in conjunction with other treatments can dramatically improve your appearance with little downtime. Let’s have a look below.

Neck Liposuction

Fat accumulation under the chin and neckline is extracted with a cannula linked to a vacuum during neck liposuction. Patients with excellent skin elasticity are great candidates for this procedure. Younger patients whose skin still has enough spring to tighten on its own. During a regular inspection, the doctor can determine this quality. Clients concerned about intractable neck fat rather than skin laxity, wrinkles, or excessive sagging can choose neck lipo.

Neck liposuction helps to shape a more defined jawline by removing extra fat.

Liposuction sculpts a more youthful, sculpted neck and jawline by removing fat from the subcutaneous tissue layer of the neck. If you have excess fat in your neck but decent skin and muscular tone, you are a good candidate for neck liposuction. 

If your skin and muscle tone is sagging, you’ll most likely need a neck lift. During your consultation, the specialist will be able to determine this.

One of the most common liposuction treatments in cosmetic surgery nowadays is neck liposuction. If necessary, it can be combined with additional treatments, such as a facelift, blepharoplasty, or chin augmentation.

A 3 mm incision is made under the chin and behind each earlobe when undergoing liposuction. Then, our “extra wet” solution is sprayed on the area to be molded. Next, a thin liposuction cannula is placed via these tiny incisions to remove extra fat and sculpt a better neck form. 

The technique uses ultrasonic liposuction equipment to emulsify fat before removal and tighten the overlying skin in individuals with intermediate skin tone.

Neck Lift

A neck lift includes removing extra skin and elevating and repositioning drooping skin. Neck Lift surgery re-establishes support and tightens neck muscle while eliminating excess skin and adjusting skin laxity in the neck. 

It is recommended for individuals who have moderate to severe sagging or “turkey neck.” Middle-aged men and women are typical Neck Lift candidates.

Excess skin is removed, and drooping neck muscles are tightened during a neck lift.

If your neck skin and platysmal muscles are lax, you will most likely need a neck lift operation. During your consultation, your doctor will be determined and discuss it with you. 

There are a few possibilities available here. For example, a neck lift includes fat contouring, platysmal muscle lifting and tightening, skin re-draping and redistribution, and skin removal.

The surgeon injects incisions behind each ear to detach the skin in the neck from the underlying platysmal muscles during a neck lift. 

Then eliminate extra fat before suturing the fascia at the outside margins of the platysma muscles both on sides of the neck to lift and tighten them. The dangling platysma muscles provide a long-lasting and natural form in the neck, creating a “hammock” impression.

Combo Procedures

In some circumstances, a mixture of techniques is the most effective way to attain outstanding results. For example, many patients combine neck operations with other procedures, such as a facelift, rhinoplasty, or chin augmentation, to achieve maximal aesthetic outcomes with the shortest recovery time.

For the patient’s optimum result, face appearance can often be modified in more than one region – and with a combination surgery, there is less cumulative downtime and maximum advantage.

To Wrap It Up

Neck liposuction may be a good option if you’re troubled by extra fat in the chin and neck area. A neck lift may be a better alternative for you if your skin is particularly slack and sags. These alternatives are based on a person’s unique features addressed in further depth during a private session.

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