The ancient adage “you are what you wear” holds today, especially if you hang out with influential people or are attempting to impress girls who appreciate good fashion and good taste. It is not only the man’s shoes that define him, but it is also his watch. In addition to serving as a timepiece, a luxury watch is a symbol of social standing. Among the most important elements to consider when comparing the best possibilities are the brand, the construction quality of the product, the features, its style, and any issues. 

However, even though it may seem counterintuitive, features and extras are the least crucial elements of a premium timepiece. To put it bluntly, all of the clocks that have been inspected are of exceptionally excellent quality. For those who wish to create a genuine fashion statement, here are the most elegant luxury watches for men that you should consider.

Oris Aquis Date 400

The majority of conversations about independent watchmakers revolve around watches that cost tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, but not Oris watches. Because of its low price and meticulous engineering, Oris is considered a sleeper watch brand in the world of independent watchmaking. However, the brand is a clear champion of affordable watches with meticulous construction.

The Oris Aquis Date 400 is a handsome 41.5mm stainless steel watch that is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a well-made diver’s watch that won’t break the bank. It is powered by the Oris automatic caliber 400, which has a power reserve of 120 hours and can be viewed through a sapphire crystal case back, which ensures that the automatic watch is water-resistant to 300 meters.

Sinn 358 Sa Pilot B E (358.064)

While Switzerland is widely regarded as the epicenter of European watchmaking, Germany is an important component of the horological landscape that is often overlooked. Sinn’s strategy exemplifies the German approach, with a strong emphasis on high-end technical materials such as submarine steel, which can be found in some of their watches, and simple legibility.

The Sinn 358 Sa Pilot B E is an example of such a timepiece, with a highly legible dial that informs you of everything you need to know and nothing you don’t. This 42mm stainless steel watch is a truly versatile piece of timepiece design, with a stunning blue sunburst dial and attractively creamy luminous material on the hour markers and hands. If you wear a pilot watch from a brand that knows exactly how to make pilot watches, you’ll be just as happy in the air as you will on the ground.

Longines Avigation Big Eye Titanium (L2.816.1.93.2)

Longines’ Avigation Big Eye series has been a big fan favorite since it was originally introduced three years ago, and the company expects this to continue. Indeed, Longines contributed significantly to the popularity of modern vintage-inspired timepieces, with the Longines Avigation Big Eye Titanium watch serving as a current example of their efforts.

The Big Eye watch is executed in a lightweight 41mm case, and the name comes from the fact that the chronograph register at 3 o’clock is larger than the rest of the dial. Like a vintage timepiece, the dial is an appealing gradient petrol blue with creamy luminous paint filling the hands and hour markers, which gives the watch a vintage feel.

Angelus U30 Black Titanium

The Angelus U30 Black Titanium Tourbillon Rattrapante, which is only available in a five-piece limited edition, combines a rare trio of complexity. It contains a tourbillon, a split-seconds function, and a chronograph with a fly-back double column wheel mechanism. It’s also worth noting that it’s an automatic movement with a 45-hour power reserve – as well as the addition of an indicator for good measure. While the 47mm case suggests a large timepiece on paper, the black DLC coating and option of ultra-light titanium or rubber strap combine to create a sleek and inconspicuous profile that balances the timepiece’s size on the wrist.

Urwerk Tantalum Hull (UR-105)

Urwerk, which offers some of the most cutting-edge inventions available on the market today – both in terms of aesthetics and mechanical innovation – is tough to overlook for those seeking uniqueness and individuality in the world of design. The Urwerk UR-105 Tantalum Hull is the final model in the 105 Series and represents all the company stands for. Tantalum, a rare and intriguing platinum-like material with a pale blue/grey shine that is employed in the making of timepieces, is used totally in its construction. The addition of titanium, which adds comfort, helps to offset the weight of the tough material.

You may enjoy the satellite time indication, power reserve indicator, and revolving seconds disc while wearing the watch with the Tantalum cover open. Turning the watch over reveals the distinctive turbines that control the movement’s automated winding system. The movement, which has a 48-hour power reserve, can also be configured to function as a manual wind movement.

In a Nutshell

The genuine value of each of these luxury timepieces is determined by its appearance, brand, and price. All of these luxury men’s watches are excellent in terms of functionality and materials while also looking striking – and in some cases, artistic. Once you’ve made your decision, it’s important to understand how to service, maintain, and care for your luxury mechanical watch.

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