In 2020, the UK banned the sale of menthol cigarettes, which caused smokers of the cigarettes to look at other measures to add flavoring. This has led to the creation of menthol flavoring products.

While the imposed ban disappointed many menthol tobacco smokers, the law did not prevent them from finding a way to add menthol to their cigarettes. The government in the UK’s ban was designed primarily to keep younger people from taking up the habit. Therefore, the government wanted to find a way to make cigarettes less accessible.

The law, however, does not discourage the use of separate products for flavoring cigarettes, so smokers who prefer menthol can still enjoy its cooling effects. 

When Menthol Was First Added to Cigarettes: How It Became Popular

Menthol, which was first added to cigarettes during the 1920s, was highly popular among smokers during the 1950s and 1960s. The chemical, which is naturally derived from peppermint, or made in the lab, reduces the harshness of smoking. That’s because the menthol taste offers a sense of coolness and freshness. It also prevents smokers from coughing – a reflex that frequently develops when a cigarette smoker inhales.

Creating Menthol Cigarettes – Why a Pen Works Better

Adding a menthol flavor to cigarettes is easier when you use an applicator pen, such as Penthol. The pen turns regular tobacco cigarettes into menthol cigarettes in virtually seconds. Therefore, the product is great for anyone who is on the go or who does not want to fuss around when adding the flavor.

How to Use a Menthol Flavoring Pen

All you have to do is dab the tip of the cigarette’s filter. Then wait a second for the menthol notes to infuse with the filter. Next, apply the flavor on either side of the tobacco part of the cigarette, again infusing the flavoring.

Using this technique, you can add menthol to around 100 cigarettes, which is also quite affordable. While you might add flavoring products, such as infusion cards, drops, or menthol crush balls, a pen is much easier, convenient, and less expensive.

That’s because the pen dispenses the flavor quickly, evaporating on contact. In turn, you can enjoy smoking immediately. 

If you use infusion cards, you’ll need to add the card to your pack of cigarettes for about an hour. You can also place a menthol infusion card in rolling tobacco for the same period of time. 

You can buy a full box of 25 cards. You can also buy them in bundles of 2, 5, 10, or 20 cards. When adding the drops, you do so at the cigarette’s tip and wait about 10 minutes. You have to be careful. If you smoke a cigarette too soon, you’ll experience a burning sensation.

Adding a crushed ball is a two-step process. First, you need an inserter to add the menthol ball, and then you need to crush it, all of which adds to the time and expense of flavoring your cigarette.

Why Pens are the Best Flavoring Option

While you can use one of several products to flavor your cigarettes with menthol, using a menthol flavoring pen is the best choice. Applicator pens are faster and easier to use and are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of the method conveniently and affordably.


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