In today’s era, job seekers not only fetch for jobs that can earn them a good paycheck at the end of the month, but they also look for other perks that can cater to their overall needs, with health coverage being one of the major inclusions.

These days’ people are becoming more conscious about their fitness and wellbeing because staying healthy is one of the primary concerns that can help lead a peaceful and stress-free life. Thus you will find more and more people searching for jobs where they are offered a medical coverage plan.

At the same time, it has also become imperative for employers to include such medical benefits and plan to attract a talented workforce to their company. Apart from this, various other factors make it mandatory to have a full-fledged medical plan in place. Here are a few reasons why employers should introduce employee health programs: 

Enhances productivity

Employees who are physically and mentally fit are prone to give out more productivity. Also, at the back of the mind, they know that there are proper policies that can cover their health expenses if they happen to fall sick at any point in time. This reduces the tension and builds happy employees who deliver and perform their best at the workplace.

They feel valued

Many companies conduct medical assessments before recruiting an employee. This trend is prevalent in various government and private companies, especially in coal mines wherein the coal board medical assess whether the employee is fit to work. 

But once the employee receives a green flag and is recruited, they are further covered with medical facilities from the company’s side. 

When you know that the company you are working for cares for you and your wellbeing, you feel valued. Again, happy employees can reap more benefits for your company. They feel better while working in such a firm and put in their best efforts compared to employees who are not given any such perks. 

Increased engagement

Covering employees with wellbeing policies triggers the employees to stay active and involved in their office. Having health coverage not only hikes their engagement with each other but also makes them feel healthy and increases their focus on their work.

Boosts better health behavior

Low health risks and mental wellbeing are supposed to be the pillars of good health. An adequately curated health and wellness program helps improve mental and physical health and promotes good health behavior reducing health risks.

It can also motivate an employee to follow healthy habits, healthy eating, ditching hazardous activities such as smoking and exercising in their daily routine. Following such a schedule cuts down the risk of falling prey to chronic and severe diseases. 

Allures talented workforce

Employees are more prone to get into a company that makes them feel valued. Company culture and work-personal life balance are the two primary factors that attract an employee and let them sway away by what the company offers.  

If a company provides health benefits and wellness programs for their employees, they happen to attract a vast talent pool to work in their office cubicles. 

Hikes the adaptability factor

Changes are not easy to accept and may cause stress and anxiety in the employees if they are suddenly exposed to some changes challenging to adapt to. But when you have wellness programs and other resources, employees find it easier to adjust to changes that come their way.

Promotes work satisfaction

Employees are always in search of better opportunities that can satisfy their minds, financial needs, and mental peace. And, once they find a combo of all three, they tend to settle down in a firm and never leave. 

If a company excels in offering such a package that includes medical benefits, employees tend to stay back and keep serving the company with dedication and hard work. Further, such positivity brings growth for the company and work satisfaction in the minds and hearts of the employee.

Decrease in absenteeism trend

Employees who are blessed with wellness programs and health policies hardly take holidays in the name of sickness and disease. When you have happy and stress-free employees working at your office desk, they are less likely to take a day off until and unless they have some real reasons. 

They remain less absent, and thus they prove to be more loyal and dedicated towards their office. And, less absenteeism again gives birth to a hike in productivity. 

Employee retention hikes up

When you have happy and satisfied employees working at your office, you will hardly find resignation letters coming up to your table. It is easy to perceive when employees feel that their company values them in all aspects taking care of their wellbeing and medical needs when they fall sick, they hardly ditch their company. 

Cost savior

Not only does the provision of medical facilities serve to be a cost savior approach for the employees but also the employers. If you are wondering how it is possible, you need to build a connection between the above-mentioned factors.

Precisely when an employee enters a company, they have to undergo some or the other kind of training to get started with their job role. And, the expenses are borne by the employee.

Next, if the employee doesn’t feel valued and is not covered with medical facilities, sooner or later, he/she might think of switching the company to seek employment at a place where they get better benefits. 

Once such a thing happens, the employee will further have to look for new recruitment, which will again add on the expenses followed by their training expense once they join. 

Hence, the expenditures incurred on conducting a recruitment process and training them turns out to be a costly affair. But when you have the old employees working at your office, you do not have to spend again and again on their training plus you can also expect higher productivity owing to their experience as they age like a fine wine with each passing day. 


Offering medical coverage to the employees helps them accomplish their aspirations besides feeling valued and taken care of. This may sound simple, but in reality, happy employees can achieve milestones and raise productivity graph setting benchmarks with each passing year. 

The advantages of having medical policies are simply endless and thus, if you do not have any such policies yet, make sure that you introduce them soon to have employees who feel happy to come back to work each day. 

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