After a long day at work, the first thing we’re eager to do when we come home is simply, relax. The more soothing the environment, the better. Cue music, soft lighting, fresh fragrance, and scrumptious tastes.

Decorative lighting is a refreshing change from the eyesores of the humdrum world outside. It also helps you play the perfect host when visitors come home.

Fragrant candles of different colours add both form and function to the decor of your living room, dining table, and other spaces of the home. Elegant candlelight paired with some amazing designer candle stands makes for striking conversation starters, as do table lamps that project light in interesting ways.

This festive season, you can try out delicate crystal candle stands, statement gold tone candle stands, ceramic votives and designer lamps made of mango wood, wrought iron, and other classic materials.

Designer Lamps and Candle Stands Elevate Your Home to the Next Level of Classy

Just like fairy lights, candles are a tried-and-tested way to decorate your home (in the context of lighting) with the best results. Candlelight complements your souvenirs, paintings, centrepieces,  and other decor items, making them stand out.

Glass votives with dusty gold translucent exteriors lend an enigmatic feel, while tall antique brass candle stands exude an evergreen charm. You can even go vintage with multi-armed aluminium candle sticks that gleam in gold and silver shades. Votives and tealight holders come in semi-precious crystals like agate and topaz, which present the true meaning of beauty in imperfections. 

Iron hanging lamps with a fascinating mesh-like appearance are versatile and contribute to memorable evenings. Lamps are also typically available in specific varieties of wood, often hand-painted, steel painted in golden hues, and ceramic with beautiful floral patterns.

You can place designer candle stands and lamps as standalone statement pieces. They can also be grouped in clusters where their beauty shines through to accentuate parts of the room where you want to draw attention. These decor items make the space feel more cosy and welcoming while transforming the personality of the room.

To Sum Up

Whether it’s made of ceramic, glass, hammered metal, or handcrafted wood, whether it’s tall or fits in your palm, whether it’s hanging or resting on a tabletop, each piece of designer decorative lighting is a brilliant work of art in itself.

Candles are a great way to add charm, warmth, and a mystical romantic vibe to your home. While votives and candle stands are essential to present candles in striking, beautiful ways, exquisite designer lamps too add their own graceful elegance to a living space.

Check out popular online platforms like Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Ajio Luxe, The Decor Circle, Tata CliQ Luxury, and more to choose lamps and candle stands that fit right into the aesthetic scheme of your home.


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