Recent world events have made it very easy to be worried about a lot of things. If you find that your brain is constantly cycling through your worries or if anxious thoughts are making your life difficult, the tips below can help.

Diligently Protect Your Spirit

If the television is always on, schedule a family meeting and discuss leaving the television off until you actually have something you want to watch. If you live alone, turn the television to the wall or cover it, so you have to act on it to turn it on. For those who have a mounted television, store the remote 20 steps from the television. If your stress is related to money, sell the television.

Screens are providing you with passive entertainment. You don’t have to do anything to absorb what’s coming at you from television, YouTube and TikTok. If your stress levels are leaving you feeling out of control, take control by limiting what you absorb. One of the challenges those in the developed world face is that it’s possible to find entertaining violence. Your brain doesn’t know how to differentiate between fictional stress and real stress. If the news has you worried, make sure your entertainment choices aren’t also increasing your fear exposure.


The act of meditation doesn’t have to include sitting on the floor, burning incense or ringing a bell. The key to clearing your mind with meditation is policing your thoughts via focus. You can focus on

  • a burning candle
  • your breath
  • a visualized light or image
  • a guided meditation recording

Be gentle with your mind. Imagine walking down a woodland path with a toddler. The child will need to wander, checking out flowers, bugs and birds. Guide your mind back on the path with a soft reminder to focus back on the path. Set a timer and focus on keeping your mind clear until the beeper goes off.

Don’t expect great expansion right after a bout of meditation. Instead, pay attention to your problem-solving abilities in the next 24 to 36 hours. You may take a nap and wake up with a solution. You may have an “aha!” moment walking the dog or taking a shower. Meditation primes the pump for creative solutions.


Anxiety can lead to depression. It’s not just being worried or fretful. If you’re not eating, feeling hopeless, or unable to sleep, talk to your physician about prescription medication options.

You may also choose to do some self-medicating. An occasional glass of wine, cocktail or beer with friends can be a great way to burn off worrying thoughts. You might also google recreational dispensary near me to help you find other methods of release.

Both tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol, or CBD, can help you manage stress. THC creates a sense of euphoric disconnection, or high, while CBD generally creates a sense of calm. A larger dose of CBD can help you sleep. No matter which you choose to help you manage your stress, consider keeping a journal, so you know the appropriate dose to get some relief.


Moving your body through space is a great way to reduce the physical symptoms of stress. Fresh air can also make it easier to fall asleep at the end of the day. While you’re exercising, such as taking a walk, consider playing some music that also helps you to lift your spirits.

Use music that you have known for a long time to double up on the habit of stress relief. Your body is doing something habitual; you’ve been walking for a long time. Your brain is doing something habitually, enjoying music that you’ve known for a long time. Your stress is lower, and your brain is happy. You are setting up your creative mind for some serious problem solving when your body and brain are busy doing something habitually.

Stress is a serious health issue. It will do harm to your gut, your heart, and your brain. Too much stress can become debilitating and can contribute to depression. Depression can be fatal. Getting on top of your stress is crucial to your quality of life.


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