Teachers are the one who makes the class enjoyable as well as they are responsible for making students love and affectionate toward the subject. So being a teacher, it is your prime duty to know about the learning management system and teaching methods so that students can develop a sense of understanding of the subject and be more intestinally participate in the classroom. However, the classroom is shifted to online platforms, so classrooms have more innovative ideas to study. So in this article, we will discuss topics that can make learning easier and give their best in school.

  1. Select the connecting app – in online classes, what requires most is the apps, including different online teaching platforms. Before starting the classes, learn all the instructions and how to use them and try it with your family members once it makes you comfortable.
  2. Send invite and instructions – before starting the sessions, send the classroom at least 10- 15 minutes before, along with including the things they need during the online class. You can help invite students who are facing issues with technology. There might be one or two students in the classroom who might feel the issue in joining. It may help them to join and attain it for doing better in the class.
  3.  Stay secure – covid pandemic has increased the risk of safety in an online class where they don’t fear their identity and take things for granted; in such case, you need to follow the following steps – 

• Always check the waiting list and only accept invitations from students whose identities are known.

• Don’t put an invitation and status; sharing it with the class who have their classes is essential so that not everyone joins your group.

 Use different teaching technology – there are various methods and apps have been discovered which are used for the technologies

  • Online free lessons: anyone with the help of online teaching platforms can learn about the different skills with the help of live classes and recorded lectures, or you can also take help from them.
  •  Videos – as digital platforms are more understanding, students get attracted more to video or movie-type things. So after giving a lecture, you can opt for a video and let them see the lesson that way. 
  •  School management system It is new software developed to connect teachers with their students. They help them to share notes, list the syllabus, and see the attendance and test papers. School management systems help those who are setting their own rules and help them to achieve things At with perfect outcomes.
  • Use of a whiteboard – Students are more habituated to seeing teachers write notes on boards while taking offline classes. One can get this tool in online classes where teachers can keep a whiteboard and write all the information, general points, or their class point on the board, making them more focused.
  • Flip classroom – you can ask students to present the topic you teach and let them share their ideas. So, in this case, the intelligent students will win the show, but you can make the poorest child do so and let them explain the presentation; this will make teachers understand what students understand, and more than that, it boosts the confidence of the students. Flip learning techniques make the classroom dynamic and help students to be more versatile.
  • Mock test and question set – even you can opt for different mocks and tests to know how much students have learned in the classroom and help you to know where students are lacking, and you can instruct them on that topic. So above mention is some of the tips which can help you to do better in the classroom.


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