With age came better ways of chasing the “high” in fitness and wellness. It appears the rest of the wellness industry is craving a spiritual practice as well-and we are craving a spiritual practice more than ever before. Many states now have decriminalization and legalization policies because a super explosive herb makes its way into mainstream spirituality.

Making The First Attempt At Cannabis Yoga

Cannabis yoga intrigues many of us. Pot smoking is how it sounds: before you practice, you smoke pot. Herbs have been used by yogis for millennia to supplement their practices, according to ancient texts. Both yoga and cannabis shift one’s mental state, allowing one to connect with psychological, emotional, and energetic conditions that are not accessible in our regular life, see everything at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

These experiences are offered by yoga and cannabis separately, but what about when they are combined? The first impression we had was skepticism. Are we going to laugh? Do we want a mostly restorative savasana or a savasana that is primarily relaxing? Are we likely to fall asleep unintentionally? Experts described several benefits and deepened experiences that resulted in our interest piqued enough to give it a try.

It Was So Relaxing To Have The Circuit Closed

When we sat for meditation in hero’s pose (virasana) at the end of our practice, palming our heels, we were able to feel the energy within. After a long day, feeling connected to our bodies was incredibly calming and healing.

Instantly Dropped In

We usually let previous events, interactions, and feelings from the day go during our first few moments before practice. Substantial attention and focused breathing are required. Fortunately, we dropped in more quickly and with ease after smoking an indica strain, which imparts a yellow vibe.

There Was An Increase In Senses

Since we want to focus on the asana once the sequence starts, we usually tune out the noise and sounds. Observe that this is no longer true after drinking! The smell of the candle, the sound of the music, and the brisk draft coming in through the window were strong enough to distract easily, yet they became a part of our flow.

Music (or Silence) Was Really Important

The right choice was to customize a playlist for the occasion. By beginning in silence, we could leap into action right away, yet we were also ready for action right away. While high, it was not easy to remain still.

A Sense Of Connection To The Inner Self

In other words, our muscles and guts. The breath and the heartbeat are what motivate yoga regardless of the presence or absence of cannabis. A potent part of cannabis yoga practice was not mastering shapes as much as it was about moving from the heart and focusing on the inner work of the body. As a result of our thoughts being quieted, our bodies could move freely, and our lungs breathe for us without exertion. We feel the ultimate surrender to what is when we allow our diaphragm and heart to expand. We are practicing being OK with what we have right now.

It Was Rational Rather Than Arsenal Goals That Fueled Our Motivation

We did not begin our sequence with any plan – with experience, we have moved through a variety of intuitive flows and then outlined them (like a food diary for yoga practice). What makes it hard is getting stuck in a pattern you have encountered a thousand times before. It was a completely different flow after coming in with a different mindset.

A Sensation Was Exaggerated In Every Way

With twists and circular movements of the joints, this was especially true. In cat/cow, “stirring the pot” felt more dynamic, and low-lunge twists were also more exciting. It felt liberating to do a supported fish with a block under the heart space at the end of practice after flipping our wrists in planks and downward-facing do

Pose Echoes Throughout Practice, Just As In Savasana

It is no secret to my fellow yogis that nothing is better than savasana after a wonderful class. One of our favorite things about yoga is to relieve the course and let its effects resonate in the body. Throughout the flow after cannabis, this consistency was evident, which aided in intuitive sequencing. In groups or if we were following someone else’s sequence, we find this to be extremely distracting.

There Was A Distinct Beat, A Pulsing Rhythm, And A Nautical Feel To The Music.

In our vocabulary, we would never use the word graceful to describe this practice. However, after smoking, we felt – feel is the keyword!–improved the sync between our body and the music. Each hold included a pulsation as a crest and receded of movement. Afterward, we pondered whether our ego prevents us from having more grace or whether it is merely a façade fueled by indica. See the difference between strains at

Cannabis Yoga: A Personal Experience

Using a vaporizer to get just the right amount of buzz while we make a short playlist is possible. Be cautious about doing too much. Having a conscious experience was important. Timer set for 20 minutes, candlelit, mat unfolded. 

As a result

Do we plan to do cannabis yoga again? It would probably be a solo or small group activity and only done occasionally, much like naked yoga. If you want to attend a class stoned in public, you should make sure that everyone in the room is also stoned. It can nonetheless be an enjoyable way to wind down after a long day and encourage creativity.


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