The main character of Helltaker is Modeus, a demon girl with pale skin and red irises. Her long arrow-tipped tail is black. Her silvery-white hair is wavy and cowlick-like. She wears a long fringe on the left side of her head and two tufts of hair in front of either ear. Her pupils are a luminescent white that looks like hearts, and she has a noticeable blush.


Asmodeus is the prince of demons and the seventh king of Hell. He has the power to create a demon, and possesses seventy-two legions. He was first mentioned in the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, and he is also mentioned in Talmudic legends.

Asmodeus is the main character in the Helltaker manga, but he is not the only one in the manga. The manga features an alternate view of Hell, which is set in a mystical realm. Various characters from the comic book are portrayed. Some of the main characters of the manga include Azazel, Lady Justice, and Pandemonica.

Asmodeus is the most powerful devil in the multiverse. He believes that the Hells hold the key to utopia. Asmodeus uses logic and law to convince others to follow him. His nemesis, Zdrada, is a rebellious demon who is a smoker. She is the main antagonist of Helltaker’s fifth stage. She wears a cross necklace and likes to smoke cigarettes.


Lucifer is the CEO of Hell and the eighth demon encountered in Helltaker. Helltaker must cut through the line of Skeleton minions to get to Lucifer. After he defeats them, Lucifer appears with two skeletal bodyguards at her side. After congratulating the Helltaker on passing the trials of hell, Lucifer forces the Helltaker to pledge his soul to her. Once he does so, Lucifer will make him her slave.

Lucifer is a short, pale demon with red irises and a black arrow-tipped tail. She has silver-white hair that is tied at the ends. Her bangs are held in place with a black spiked hairband. Her horns are white and jagged. She has narrow eyes and a mole under her left eye.

Lucifer’s character is more complex than his appearance would suggest. Despite his dark side, he shows some positive aspects. He is fond of sweet food and turn-based strategy games. He also develops a bond with Helltaker and tries to help him escape his punishment. In addition, he warns him against the beelzebub’s attempts to lure him.

Bryce Romano

Bryce Romano is a 28-year-old Police Detective. Before he fell through a portal into Hell, he was a normal, average Joe. One day, he was helping a cousin with a personal problem when he unexpectedly found himself in a new reality. Bryce met a Demon Lord who offered to help him escape from Hell. However, he is soon forced to live with Demon girls and deal with a new reality.

Helltaker’s final boss fight is against Judgement, the High Prosecutor. She wears armour on her forearms, and gauntlets are equipped with built-in batons. Judgement is a powerful and vivacious demon who has a knack for using’shock and awe’ tactics.


Strada is a demon and the main antagonist of the fifth stage of the Helltaker series. Her name translates to ‘The Bitch Demon.’ The character is very edgy and rebellious, and she’s also an avid smoker. Her name comes from Polish, and is a reference to her Slavic heritage. She wears a cross necklace.

Helltaker has a compelling cast of characters. Each character has a distinct personality, and they all have well-developed demeanors. Some characters even die in humorous ways. The game’s world is very well-written and the game is very well-made.

Strada’s character name is derived from a Slavic word meaning “betrayal.” It can also mean treason or adultery. In Hell, Strada works for a company that provides services to demons, and she wears glasses and likes coffee. She also has a sadistic streak, which is brought out by bad coffee.


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