Hangovers suck. It’s as simple as that. They suck, no one likes them, and everyone wants to get rid of them. That’s why no matter where you live or what bars you like to frequent, everyone everywhere has some sort of hangover cure they just can’t wait to tell you about. Some are more helpful than others, while some are just downright myths. No matter though, there are a few sure-fire tricks you can keep up your sleeve in the event you find yourself hungover once again. 

These tricks are all based on the way that our bodies react to alcohol during and after consumption. As such, they’re going to focus on the actions that you can take to return your internal body chemistry to a its natural-balance and, in turn, bring yourself out of the depths of that treacherous hangover.

Hangover Recovery Drinks and Hydration

The first and most important aspect in getting out of a hangover is addressing the level of dehydration. The process of rehydrating should really start after, or even during, the hours of alcohol consumption. However, for many, this doesn’t get started until the next morning. That being said, it is vital that water is introduced to the body as soon as possible, especially in the case of hangover recovery. 

The reason it is so important to begin addressing dehydration almost immediately is because of the way that it irritates other symptoms related to the hangover. Furthermore, when consuming alcohol, the body is dehydrated in more than just one way. As a diuretic, alcohol increases the volume and frequency with which one urinates. This drains the body of both liquids and essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. All three of these things are vital to keeping the body functioning and operating properly. As such, when they’re depleted and drained from the body, like in the case of a hangover, we don’t feel very good at all. 

In order to replenish the body with these vital elements on which we rely, there are drinks and beverages that are designed specifically to flood your body with an influx of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed most to help you pull yourself out of even the nastiest hangover. Some of these beverages are simply electrolyte concentrates and are multi-functional. For instance, these are sometimes used by athletes who need to rehydrate swiftly after an intense workout or game. 

Others, though, are designed specifically to ease and relieve the symptoms of hangovers. A hangover drink is made with a variety of ingredients that are already known for their hangover-relief attributes in different home-remedy cures. These ingredients include Korean red ginseng extract, green tea extract, and prickly pear concentrate. Using these herbal ingredients in concert with a formula that is imbued with electrolytes and vitamins, a hangover drink replenishes the body with all of the things it needs to bounce back from the worst of hangovers. 

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Replenishing electrolytes, rehydrating, and getting the other minerals and vitamins that are needed by the body is a great first step in the hangover recovery process. However, it doesn’t end there. 

Breakfast is acclaimed as the most important meal of the day, and when it comes to recovering from a hangover, it certainly earns this reputation. Having a nice filling breakfast that is both hearty and healthy is a great way to balance your blood-sugar levels. This can alleviate some of the severity of other hangover symptoms and get you back on your feet and ready for the day. 

Good foods to include in a hangover-recovery-meal are eggs, nuts, fruits, and certainly carbs. Other foods that promote healthy digestion are also good to include.


Speaking of promoting healthy digestion, CBD and THC can be extremely beneficial when it comes to recovering from a hangover. These are often used in the context of pain relief, and can greatly reduce headaches, stomachaches, body aches, and help with both appetite and digestion. Not to mention, the use of THC and CBD can reduce nausea. 

If marijuana is legal in your state, it can be an excellent addition to any hangover remedy routine. 

Getting Enough Sleep

Finally, getting enough rest is vital. Every recovery process requires adequate rest, and recovering from a hangover is no different. 

However, consuming alcohol can often lead to disruptive and unhelpful, low-quality sleep. As such, it can be very helpful to carve out enough time for a nap after working to rehydrate and getting a hearty breakfast in your system. 

Final Thoughts on Hangover Recovery

There’s no way around it. Hangovers simply suck. However, armed with a little bit of powerful information, you can greatly reduce the amount of suffering that occurs during even the worst of hangovers, and significantly shorten the duration as well. 

Stay hydrated, eat well, and make sure to get enough sleep.


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