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Finding jobs can be a struggle for most fresh graduates as they are usually considered individuals with little to no professional experience aside from their supposed on-the-job training as they finish their educational degrees. With this, individuals who just got out of college always encounter problems when it comes to generating resumes. Hence, it is significant to look into resume examples that are presented online in order to gain insight into how to write a resume. This can successfully help you impress the hiring managers and potentially gain the position that you want. Regardless if you have experience or not, you can still attain to catch the employer’s attention by creating a compelling resume that will surely convince the people in charge to hire you for the vacant position.

To add up to people’s general knowledge, a resume is a formal document that contains information that helps an applicant secure their position in the institution that they are applying for. In most cases, it summarizes the applicant’s qualifications for the position including their background in education, professional experience, and personal life that are relevant to the job. In this document, an individual’s strengths are to be emphasized. Additionally, it contains information regarding the applicant’s interest in the position that he or she is applying for.

Here is a detailed example of a description and format of an enticing resume: 

A. Contact Information

Generally, this area includes your phone number, email address, and your complete address. In some cases, you may also include your active social media accounts for professional use and also, other useful links.

2. Resume Summary or Objective

This section is a brief explanation of your job experience if there is one. You may also indicate your reason and objective as to how you heard of the position and why you applied for the position vacancy.

3. Professional Title

In this section, you are to describe your title as an individual that reflects the qualities that are needed for the position that you are applying for. Make sure that it seems like you are very familiar with the job and also the company itself. 

4. Experience and Skills Section

In this area, since most of the fresh graduates have no experience yet in the professional field, it is important to highlight your achievements and the responsibilities that you have successfully attained throughout your career and academic life. Ensure that you include the skills that you have which are fitting for the job description and also the characteristics that the company is looking for. At the same time, take time to know the company’s vision and mission for you to be aware of what experience you may note down in your resume that will surely make you fit for the position.

5. Education

This is the most significant part of your resume since this is where you highlight the important experiences you have around the campus premises that may be relevant to the job. Additionally, you must also mention the achievements you have attained as a student and how these achievements honed your skills in making you the best candidate for the position.

6. Additional Information

This section should tackle information that is not yet discussed in the past sections but is still relevant to the application you are aiming for. This must include details that are uniquely relevant and information that will make the employer choose you as their potential employee.

In writing a resume, knowing the format for creating a compelling document is not the only necessary thing to do. You must also imbibe some techniques to be applied in the resume itself for you to make sure of getting the position that you want. With that, here are some tips that will help you generate a perfect resume for your dream job.

1. Experiences to include in your resume

It has been repeatedly mentioned that an applicant must include experiences that are relevant to the job that they are about to pursue. However, it still remains vague on what to exactly put in the said document. In writing a resume, you may include some experiences such as part-time jobs during your college years and also, your vocational jobs if you have some. You may also include extracurricular activities that you have participated in such as sports, competitions, organizations, and clubs. Additionally, you may also add volunteer activities and other types of community service.

2. Educational background to include in your information.

In summarizing your educational background, you must include some details that may become relevant to the resume, such as the institution you have attended for the past academic years. You may also include the details regarding the degree you have chosen together with its majors. If you have done publications in your university or college, it is important that you include them in the document. Moreover, you may also include your services on the campus community, such as being part of the student council, being a scholar, being a school representative in specific academic competitions, and being involved in outreach programs held by the institution. However, if you did not necessarily have any achievements or joined any significant competitions and organizations during your academic career, it is important to know that you do not need to make up your achievements in the resume. What is important is the learnings and skills you have gained throughout your school life.

3. Skills that are influential to the position 

Make sure that the skills and qualifications that will be mentioned in your resume are in relation to the competencies that the job description requires. In addition, stating the former credentials that gave you your titles in the past years is a great way to secure the position. The list of skills that you have does not need to be long. Rather, it needs to be accurate, relevant, and timely for the position you are about to take part in. 

As we open ourselves to different years, we also open the door to higher positions and opportunities that also require a higher degree of perseverance and skills from an individual. With that, resumes will surely provide a safe space for the candidates for the job to express their attainments in the past years that make them qualified for the job vacancy.


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