Money is something that can be your best friend in times of needs. Hence, it is important to keep some of your money away from your account and deposit it into an account. This type of account is known as a deposit account. These accounts are always available and you can withdraw the money using a checkbook or from the ATM using your cards. You need to choose a bank to create an account that can cater to all your banking needs. If you are looking for the best bank in Singapore to open your account, there are certain aspects that you have to consider.

Factors to consider for choosing a bank

When you are looking for a perfect bank in Singapore to create your account for depositing money, then you need to be very careful. Keeping some of the aspects in your mind can help you to choose the best one. Here are the aspects that you need to consider:

  • Easy accessibility: You need to make sure that you are choosing a bank for creating the account that gives better accessibility. That means the bank must have several branches and ATMs so that it gets easier for you to access your deposit account with the help of a checkbook or debit and credit card. It will make withdrawing money much easier.
  • Online banking: As the technology is improving, people prefer internet based transactions and banking. Singapore being one of the most advanced countries has various options for internet access. Hence, you need to choose a bank that offers online banking to transfer or deposit money. Online banking offers a lot of benefits such as convenience and more.
  • Great offers: Some of the banks provide great offers and rewards on special occasions. You can look for a bank that offers some cash rewards and other promotional benefits that can be advantageous for you. Then you can get more rewards every time you deposit money.
  • Reliable and credible: One of the most important aspects that you cannot miss when it comes to choosing a bank for creating an account is reliability or credibility. Yes, when you are depositing your hard earned money into a bank, you have to make sure that it is reliable enough to be trusted. Make sure to check their terms and conditions, license and experience in the industry or the reputation before you choose one.


For opening a deposit account in the best bank in Singapore, you can trust OCBC Bank. They have the best digital features and a total of 39 branches all over Singapore. In fact, 26 among those branches are even open on Sundays. Besides that, this bank is there for many years in the market and has earned immense credibility and reputation. You can definitely trust this bank in Singapore with your money blindly. They are one of the best in the market. You can even access their 1,100 ATMs that are located in different major locations of Singapore. Withdrawing money or accessing the bank is never an issue when it comes to OCBC Bank.

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