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“Visual Effects” or “Visual FX” or “VFX” is a capability to create or manipulate imagery to create an awe inspiring effect or simulation that is otherwise too difficult or dangerous to produce in real life. VFX is usually utilized when the script demands an exaggerated yet realistic sequence like an explosion in the building or creation of an alien environment or fictional characters or showcasing superpowers etc. that could be otherwise unfeasible to bring to life. It involves amalgamation of digitally enhanced graphics or images with real life shoot.  

Industry Scope:

  • By 2024, FICCI EY March 2022 report states, that Animation and VFX industry will grow to reach Rs. 180 billion.    
  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) report states that in Global Animation and Visual effects industry, India’s market share is anticipated to rise to 20-25% from current 10%.
  • By 2026, it is predicted that revenue from the Online Games segment, will jump to reach a market volume of US$ 1,466 m growing at 11.47% CAGR.
  • By 2025, Indian mobile gaming market will jump to US$7 billion. 
  • By fiscal year 2024, it is predicted that India’s VFX and post-production industry will leap to INR 147 billion. 

Thus, there are immense career opportunities available for trained professionals. 

Career Opportunities: 

On completion of their VFX course, students are inundated with opportunities to work under various profiles. Following are few of these profiles:  

  • Compositing Artist: He ensures that there is seamlessness between the visual effects and the live shoot, thereby giving an error free experience to the audience. He is responsible to make sure that the final animated visual or film has no glitch. 
  • Layout Artist: He plays a significant role in the pre-production and pre-visualisation process. He interprets the script as well as storyboard and is responsible for creating templates on ways to reproduce script onto the visual medium. He takes decision regarding the composition & appearance of every scene, camera angles, lighting etc. 
  • Lighting Artist: He has an in-depth understanding of how lighting interacts with real life objects, how it affects film production and thus how it is an integral part of story-telling. He sets tone for every shot and ensures there is continuity between scenes. He is responsible for breathing life into every sequence. 
  • Concept Artists: He plays an important role in projects involving visual storytelling for he visualizes as well as designs simulated worlds as well as characters that do not exist, crafts environment, conjures up moods, personality, and reactions etc.  
  • VFX Producers: He is accountable for handling the entire VFX process, including conceptualization, budgeting along with final output.  
  • Web Designers: He understands the client’s brief, the company’s brand language, targeted user’s preference along with end objective and accordingly ideates, plans and designs the website journey. He is responsible for identifying the apt coding language, user interface, graphical & technical aspects along with intuitive & logical navigation such that it can run on varied platforms and is open to easy maintenance and updates        
  • Rigging or Texture Artist: He is responsible for creating a lifelike digitized character by crafting digital skeleton for 3D computer-generated characters along with giving it a personality, as well as a face and movement.  

Hence for a lucrative career register for VFX course without delay.


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