There are millions of people with mental disorders that live a routine life, work, and even create their own families. However, some of them become world-famous individuals because of their unique stories. Billy Milligan is one of the most known people with mental disorders. His story was used in film-making for creating numerous movies. Discover the story of Billy Milligan and other well-known people with mental disorders in this post. 

Before You Start 

Psychological disorders and mental issues are among the most common topics to write about among many learners. If you are one of the students who would like to know more about this field, it is better to explore extra sources for advanced writing. Still, there are some learners who would like to get the answer “Will help me pick a reliable assistant?” Going through a pile of student reviews, you’ll find a pro writing service to cope with a challenging academic assignment about mental disorders. However, if you are not a learner but want to discover more facts about famous people with serious psychological issues, it’s time to investigate the list below. 

Billy Milligan 

Billy Milligan is one of the most well-known people who has been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder. What does it mean? According to the data shared by the psychiatrists and criminalists, his individuality included over 30 different people who took his mind from time to time. How did he become famous?

Billy Milligan was born in a common American family. However, when he was a little boy, his parents divorced. His mother got married to another man. At the age of 8, Billy Milligan was raped by his stepfather in the garage. This caused a serious shock and led to dissociation. Billy reported that this was the first time he felt like another personality for 100%. However, some of Milligan’s individualities have been present from the age of 3. Therefore, an accident with stepfather just gave impetus to new mental individuals appearing in Billy’s mind. 

How did this person become famous? The fact is that Billy Milligan was offended in rape and armed robbery. He was arrested for raping three women on the Ohio State University campus. One of the victims recognized him. Moreover, there was extra proof of his fault. Billy Milligan was diagnosed with schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder. He spent over a decade in the mental hospital and was released. Milligan died from cancer at the age of 59. 

His personality became well-known after the novel The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes was published. Moreover, the movie and TV series about this person will see the world in the near future. 

Joe Ball 

This person, also known as the Butcher of Elmendorf and the Alligator Man, is one of the most famous serial killers in the United States with serious mental disorders. After serving on the frontlines, Joe opened a saloon in Texas. The bar soon became famous because of the pond with alligators created by its owner. Joe Ball often invited people to watch the process of feeding alligators. In most cases, he fed the animals with live dogs and cats. According to the criminals, Joe Ball created this pond to get rid of the bodies of his victims. 

Soon, many girls and women started to disappear in Texas in the areas located near Joe Ball’s saloon. Among the disappeared people were his wife and girlfriends. When the policemen came to the Ball’s house, he convicted a suicide. But how was his fault proved after his death?

One of Joe Ball’s handymen confessed to assisting him in getting rid of the bodies. Among the victims were Minnie Gotthard and Hazel Brown. However, the number of people murdered by Ball is surely much higher. 

Joe Ball became world-famous after the release of the movie Eaten Alive by Tobe Hooper. The film describes the life of the serial killer, who murders his friends and wife and feeds his alligators with the victims’ bodies. Moreover, there were many articles and research materials described in the mass media related to this personality. One of the most well-known ones was advanced research made by the newspaper editor Michael Hall. He investigated the story in detail in the 2000s and described his findings for Texas Monthly

It is important to note that Billy Milligan and Joe Ball are not the only criminals with serious mental disorders who became world-known. There are many criminals whose lives were described in articles, books, movies, and series. In most cases, these were serial killers, maniacs, and other wrongdoers. Most of them were offended in rape, murders, violence, storing drugs, and other delinquencies. Among the most famous personalities in this area are Howard Allen, Benjamin Atkins, Cesar Barone, John Bittrolf, Willian Bonin, Anthony Cook, Ed Gein, Larry Green, and many others. 

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