Starting workout can be just as challenging as the workout itself. Luckily, the secret to boosting your motivation is sportswear accessories. Yes the clothes you wear during exercise will not only affect and improve your performance, they can help you to get started. Putting on the workout clothes will initiate the process of getting ready to perform your task. According to studies, having nice workout clothes will push people to exercise.

Another accessory that will get you motivated is a workout waist trainer. You may have seen them on your favorite fashion influencers on social media feeds. Or perhaps you already have one in your lingerie closet and if you have worn one before, you know how a waist trainer can cinch your waist instantly to give you a flatter tummy and enhance your curves. Seeing a slimmer you will motivate you to stick to your healthy diet and workout regimen.

So if you are serious about losing those pounds, you can use a waist trainer as your secret weight loss tool. It can target belly fat during workout. There are many benefits to exercising while wearing a waist trainer such as:-

  • Inducing perspiration that will cause fat burning in the midsection. As the body temperature increases, a thermogenic effect will take place and burn more calories during a workout.
  • A waist trainer can improve posture. Wearing it will ensure that your tummy is compressed, chest is lifted and shoulders are back.  This will make you look taller and slimmer while standing straight. This will boost your confidence when you are at the gym.
  • A waist trainer also helps to support the lower back and protect you from straining during exercise.
  • It can also suppress appetite due to the compression on the tummy. This will make it hard for you to overeat and have better portion control during meals.

Check out some waist trainer before and after photos for inspiration.

Revolutionize Your Workout With Shapellx Waist Trainers 

There are many waist trainers in the market today and not all waist trainers are created equal.  The waist trainers from Shapellx are different. They are specially designed to be worn during workouts like cardio, strength, running or waist training and cover the entire midsection comfortably.  Their waist trainers feature firm yet lightweight latex or neoprene material that offers compression and boning to sculpt, slim and smooth the surface so that you feel slim and confident at the gym. Besides creating a gorgeous hourglass figure, Shapellx waist trainers help to keep everything nice and secure while you are sweating it out.

Ultra Compression Waist Belt

Made for working out, this latex waist trainer will instantly shrink your waistline by a few inches while optimizing your workout. More than being a workout waist trainer, you can wear this piece anytime you want to flatten the midsection and can be layer underneath other clothing.  It features three level of hook and eye clasp and an outer waistband for extra compression and support. The nine boned structures offer better tummy control, waist shaping and back support.

NeoSweat® Ultra Compression Waist Belt

Double Belt Plus Size Waist Trainer

This powerful workout waist trainer can be slip on and off easily with its front zipper and watch how magically it works as you pull the two Velcro belts tightly. It provides maximum compression by ramping up the heat in your core. It features nine steel bones for support and prevent rolling down. You will love how you look during your workout when wearing this plus size waist trainer. This is the perfect sports accessory to help you reach your slim-down goals.

NeoSweat® Waist Trainer with Double Belts

Detachable Sauna Waist Trainer

Made from high quality material, this waist trainer has three layers of breathable neoprene material to produce more heat. This sauna waist trainer has eight steel boned design for support and prevent rolling down. It is designed to cover the entire midsection and the non-compressive lower butt back design extends comfortably. It is the best waist trainer for when you want to dive right into waist trainer workouts faster with minimum effort. 


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