We should be able to choose who our coworkers will be. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for anyone to engage in sabotage or any type of workplace violence. But if you can’t stand to be around someone who you feel may make you uncomfortable, then you shouldn’t be around them.

But we can be around people regardless of our feelings about them because people are people. Sometimes people may not seem like they are or like they can be. I think one of the things that helps us to become more aware of our coworkers is to question our own feelings about them. Because this can sometimes make us a little more objective. Ive been a part of teams that I wouldnt have been if I didn’t question my own feelings about certain people.

Being on autopilot for so long has been a lot of fun for me. We usually have so many conversations with our coworkers about their work, and what we want to do. But sometimes we only have time for a few minutes to think and figure things out. Because of that we are always watching for a reason.

If you find that your boss is a little too laid back, or youre not sure if she can be a little too laid back, ask her. Youll get a lot more out of your coworkers if they know theyre being watched. Theyre probably not doing anything wrong by not giving you a heads up. Theyre probably just doing their jobs.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should feel like you should be the only one who’s watching them. In fact, sometimes you should be the only one who’s watching them. We’re all a little too easily distracted, and watching someone else’s work is a great way to kill your own boredom. If you have a tendency to be a little too busy, you might want to get a second job, or start an actual hobby.

To be honest, I think it is possible to have too much contact with your coworkers. Just because you arent aware of your coworkers doesnt mean you cant help them. Maybe your job is not what it should be. Maybe you should start looking for a job that will give you more of a social life.

If you are a “typical” employee, then you are likely to want to take care of your coworkers. For example, you might want to let them know when their work is done so they can have a break to go home or a beer. You might want to give them a set of keys so they can enter your house or go out to eat. You might want to let them know when their performance is up to date so you can take them to the office.

I think that this is a great idea for many reasons, but one of the big ones is that you can actually change how you work for someone. It’s like when you’re an employee and you work hard to get promotions and raises. It’s like when you want to make sure your coworkers get the right assignments or to give them a raise.

When we’ve decided to take the time to choose who we like, it isn’t so hard to make a choice. It can be as simple as a little gesture or as many people do. It’s a bit harder to remember who you are when you’re not even there. It makes for a somewhat challenging process, but it’s a great way to learn.

There is no better feeling than knowing how much youve contributed to someone else’s life. It also helps that you never know who you will be working for when youre on the clock. You might find that you have two bosses as you’re working in a team, and one of them has a new assignment on the books, but you dont know who you are working for.


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