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Choosing your new home is a big decision, especially for those fascinated by architecture and interior design. American history is full of architectural trends and philosophies that come and go. 

Today we will be looking at a vintage architecture style that has experienced a resurgence in the twenty-first century, the Mid Century modern home in Palm Springs.

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They Have That Vintage Feel

Although there is no exact timeline for Mid Century modern homes, it is generally agreed they were built between the 40s and 60s. So it’s no surprise they offer a vintage appeal to millennials who want to connect the past with their modern sensibilities. 

Open Floor Plans Give An Expansive Feel

Open floor plans have dominated interior design and architecture for the past few decades, and you can argue the philosophy originated from the mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs. Open floor plans make the communal spaces in your home feel more extensive and more inviting. When entertaining the family or house guest, having the living room be evident from the kitchen or bar is a great way to make everyone feel connected.

Segmented House Allows For Different Styles

One of the hallmarks of a Mid Century modern home is that different rooms feel separated. This allows homeowners to experiment with other interior design styles for each room. So the living room can be more modern while one of the bedrooms incorporates Japanese design techniques.

Allows For a Wide Range Of Furniture

When purchasing an old house, you are often stuck buying furniture that meets the house’s era and style; for example, modern furniture usually doesn’t work with old wooden houses. 

However, with mid-century modern homes, you have the flexibility to pick and choose different furniture to match your mood and personal taste. 

Large Windows Connect You To The Outside World

One of the defining characteristics of Mid Century modern homes is their large floor-to-ceiling windows. There could be a whole other article written about the benefits of large windows in improving a living space, but we will have to summarize for now. Large windows let in natural sunlight into your home, which has been shown to improve both your mental and physical health.

They Integrate Nature Into The Design

Mid-century homes tend to incorporate the outside world into the architecture. Some common examples are building a gathering area around an existing tree or having the patio and back garden seamlessly blend. Together with the large windows, they make your home feel connected to nature.

The Mid Century Modern Style Can Make Your House Feel Like a Home

If you add all the features listed above on why the mid-century modern home has become so popular, you’ll come to the conclusion that this style makes for a relaxing atmosphere. The large windows, open floor plans, a wide range of furniture selection, and connection to nature make it easy to live.

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