Organizing an event is dreary as you would ensure everything falls according to the plan. Finding an event space is among the challenges you would face; first, the event should be easily accessible, equipped with all the amenities, and affordable. You may consider the number of participants when looking for an event space, as they determine how much space will be needed. These are tips for finding event spaces in Singapore, making your work easier.

  • Consider the Location

The location will be an essential factor as you would want to have it as close to the attendees as possible. There is no need to inconvenience people with the city traffic; thus, if most of them are traveling from out of town, you would have the event near an airport or other means of transport. You will consider the transport to the chosen location, traffic, and parking options; you may provide the attendees with a mobile event app that makes it easy to find the location. You would use interactive door maps for events with exhibitions or parallel sessions.

  • Parking Space

Since most people use private vehicles nowadays, your event spaces in Singapore should provide ample parking. However, if you don’t find a parking space in the event, you can consider nearby parking lots which charge a reasonable fee. You can reserve the parking spaces and include the cost in the attendee ticket price. You may organize for attendees who take an Uber to share rides to lower the transportation cost.

  • Consider Capacity and Minimums

You should consider the event space’s full capacity and minimums to make necessary adjustments based on attendee feedback. Moreover, you should budget for the food and beverages in an event and set aside the minimum and maximum food amount you would consider during the event. You may want a headcount and collect instant feedback, saving time and money.

  • Services and Amenities

You can lower the costs by choosing an event space with a kitchen that provides catering; the venue will waive the facility fee. You can inquire if they offer tables, linens, and chairs that you can use during the event. Sometimes you may hire a cleanup crew after the event when the services are not available in the chosen location.

  • Event Layout

You may want to know the layout and the amenities you will need for different activities. Thus it is best to understand the event layout as it guides you on utilizing the space. Use a floor plan for each venue as a guide to choose the perfect location for your event. The layout might help understand the flow of traffic throughout the event. You can choose a layout with the correct traffic flow and understand how the tables and décor affect the layout.

Final Thoughts

Hosting an event might be challenging, especially if you don’t have enough space to hold the event. You can borrow these event-finding tips to guide you when hosting a party or work seminar. You may wish to consider the location, the number of attendees, transportation, services, and amenities at the event space and layout. Good luck hosting an event.

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