Mental Health

Just like visiting a doctor when you’re in pain, visiting a mental health professional when you’re under tremendous mental stress is very important. Mental illness changes behavior, emotions, and your overall outlook on life. The good news is that help is just around the corner. However, the longer the illness goes undiagnosed, the higher the chances of becoming severe and significantly affecting your life.   

So how do you know it’s the right time to visit a “mental health evaluation near me” for a diagnosis of your mental health? Although only a professional mental health provider such as Positive Reset Eatontown can diagnose the problem, these red flags can give you a general idea of when to seek help. 

Sudden Mood Change

It’s normal for your mood to change, but when mood swings are sudden and take much longer to reign in, it’s time to get an evaluation. Mood changes could be considered a mental health disorder if you witness long periods of extreme sadness, happiness, or both. Other symptoms include feeling worthless, desperate, easily irritable, apathetic, or extremely positive. 

Excessive Anxiety

Although experiencing occasional anxiety is no cause for alarm, repeated episodes of intense fear and anxiety about everyday situations can be a sign of a mental disorder. Sometimes, yoga, meditation, and exercises (strategies for fighting anxiety) relieve the symptoms, but if the situation does not improve, seeking help in “a mental health evaluation near me” such as Positive Reset Eatontown becomes the best option. Common anxiety symptoms to look out for may include trembling, feeling nervous or tense, increased heart rate, a sense of impending danger, breathing rapidly, or feeling weak. 

Withdrawal and Disconnect From Others

It’s perfectly okay to have self-time to re-wind, meditate, rest, or recharge before connecting back to the world. But when someone feels a strong urge to pull away from family, friends, and society and shut down, they may need professional help. Withdrawal and disconnect signs include turning to alcohol or junk and high-sugar food to hide sadness and pain, skipping activities you previously enjoyed, negative thinking, and social withdrawal. 

Neglecting Personal Needs

Inability or unwillingness to attend to your personal needs, such as taking a bath, changing clothes, brushing  teeth, taking medication, or skipping a meal, could be a sign of a mental disorder. Fortunately, with the help of the right “mental health evaluation near me,” you can return to your normal life.  

Negative or Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal and negative thoughts are symptoms of underlying mental problems such as substance abuse, anxiety, or trauma-related disorders. However, the unrealistic negative thoughts become dangerous, especially if they linger around even after opening up. Although not everyone with suicidal thoughts acts on it, it is important to find help immediately. Leaving the situation unchecked may strain your mental health further, making the situation difficult to treat.   


Although many people experience mental health issues, many cases go untreated due to a lack of early interventions. People with mental issues live a normal and happy life if they seek a mental health services early enough. When signs, such as suicidal thoughts, withdrawal, anxiety, neglecting personal needs, and mood change are detected, it is advisable to seek help immediately 


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