The first step, if you want to raise funds, is deciding on a cause. But not every organization has the same mission or so many months left in the year! That’s why fundraisers and nonprofits need to have creative fundraising ideas for nonprofits to help organizations get their messages out.

Craft a giveaway

Craft a giveaway. A charity can give away an item or service related to their cause, such as a T-shirt or electronic device (like an iPad) with the charity logo on it. 

The winner can choose from several options for how much they’d like their prize and how long the gift will be available for purchase before being purchased by someone else. This is one way of getting people involved in your fundraiser without having them donate money directly!

Design a charity T-shirt

You can also create a T-shirt. If you’re looking to raise money, this is an effective way to get your message out! Make a T-shirt with the charity logo on it. The best part about creating this type of fundraising item is that it’s straightforward for anyone who wants one to order from you. 

Just like if someone asked for something custom-made at Starbucks, they didn’t have to pay more than $4 per item because they felt like paying extra for something custom; so why should we expect people would pay more when we don’t even know what kind of design/message/slogan/hashtag might have been considered? That being said.

Put on a silent auction

You can use a silent auction to raise money for your nonprofit by holding an event where people bid on things like tickets to a concert, a vacation, or a dinner date. This is an especially fun way of fundraising if you have prizes worth much more than their face value, like tickets to the Super Bowl!

To set up this type of fundraiser

Create an online registration system for items up for bid. Make sure it’s easy for potential bidders by providing plenty of information about each item (including its description) and letting them know how much it will cost if they win it. 

You might also want to include incentives like free shipping if you sell something locally; this will encourage people who live nearby but don’t have access or won’t be able to attend your event (such as students) aren’t left out either!

Host a raffle

Raising money is a lot of work, and when you’re trying to raise a lot of money in a short time, it can be overwhelming. So what do you do? You turn to your friends! A raffle is one way that nonprofits can get people involved and excited about their cause. 

It’s also an effective fundraising tool because it allows donors or potential donors to feel like they are winners if they win the prize (even if they don’t). This makes them more likely to participate in future fundraisers by donating or buying products from your organization!

Create a philanthropy board game.

Board games are a great way to raise money. They’re fun and can be played by people of all ages. You can make board games with a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard and wood. If you want to create your own philanthropy board game for your organization or cause, here are some tips:

Make sure the game is easy enough that no one has any trouble playing it! This will ensure that your fundraising events go smoothly without interruptions from players who aren’t paying attention or need help getting started on their turn.


There are tons of great ways to raise funds as a nonprofit. You can sell items, host events, and more. You can also raise money by asking for donations. You can also raise money by asking for volunteers. 

Instead of giving money directly from your donor base (or even just one person), consider offering in-kind donations like food or supplies instead, and then collect the difference yourself when they make their donation! This will not only save time but also help reduce costs associated with collecting funds from donors who aren’t able or willing to contribute financially.


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