Laser Treatment

Selective photothermolysis (SPTL), this exact matching of a particular light wavelength and pulse duration to achieve the optimum effect on a targeted tissue with little impact on surrounding tissue, is the fundamental idea behind laser hair removal. By only heating the dark target tissue, melanin, which in turn heats the dorsal stem cells in the follicle that produces hair growth, the hair lasers can cause localised damage while sparing the surrounding skin. Laser energy can be soaked up by dark substances in the skin or hair with more force and speed than only the skin with no melanin or dark adult hair because the light is absorbed by dark objects but mirrored by light objects and water.

Laser hair removal removes hair by exposing the hair follicle to laser light pulses. Before it was made available commercially in 1995 and 1996, it had been used experimentally for about 20 years. Using devices created and priced for customer self-treatment is common in clinics and at home.

Hair Removal using laser Is Very Fast.

Due to the minimal preparation time and constant effectiveness, laser hair removal takes very little time per square centimetre, with some sessions only taking 20 minutes. The length of time depends significantly on the size of the target area. Shaving off hair from a location like your back will take much longer than shaving off hair from the top of your lip or your eyebrow.

The Effects Last For A Long Time

Unlike conventional hair removal techniques like waxing, sugaring, or shaving, the hair regrows in days or weeks. The hair eliminated by a laser usually doesn’t grow back for several months, if not years. Your hair may be less coarse, lighter, and less noticeable when or if it grows back. Some people’s hair will fall out permanently, meaning it won’t grow back.

The process is exact

The beams of light operate with extreme accuracy when trying to target your unwanted hair, provided that you have your hair eliminated by a skilled and experienced technician. A professional procedure will also ensure that the hair follicle’s skin is left undamaged and intact.

The Right To Choose Your Clothes

You won’t have to stress about those last-minute, frequently painful shaves when a big event is approaching. Your favourite sleeveless or strapless tops can be worn without worrying about abnormal hair growth under your arms. The same is valid for your preferred skirts and those beach trips in a bikini.

You have a lot more time because you don’t have to remove your hair constantly

A lot of women, as well as men, spend a lot of time getting rid of unwanted hair. You will find more time available in your daily schedule once you are no longer required to regularly eliminate undesirable hair from your body. It could involve taking a quick nap before leaving the house, spending more time on your hair and makeup, or reading your favourite books.

Everyone naturally feels better about their appearance and self-confidence when they are well-groomed. One of the favourite features you can do during the summer is getting laser hair removal. When you understand you are no longer concerned about those unwanted hairs, it allows you to relax and truly enjoy your time away. This process also enhances your muscle tone while enhancing the skin’s appearance. It can be a relief for those with a lot of hair who are self-conscious about it. 


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