CPAP masks are a common sleep assistant for people with obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep-related breathing disorder that causes you to stop and start breathing as you sleep. The CPAP mask is connected to a CPAP machine with a hose to deliver steady air pressure to enhance your breathing while asleep.

However, most patients have complained of leaky masks, stuffy noses, dry mouths, and difficulties finding sleep when using CPAP masks. Ideally, the mask should be adjustable to make you more comfortable. Some masks, like the newest full-face CPAP mask from Fisher & Paykel, are comfortable, have minimal red marks, and have less claustrophobia. However, here are four features to look for when finding a full-face CPAP mask.

1. Minimalist Design

Like the Evora full-face mask, a full-face CPAP mask has a minimal design to allow free movement. It is made from thin silicone that rests under the nose for comfort and to minimize pressure. The perfect full-face mask should be latex-free, allow side sleeping, lack magnetic clips, have a silicone cushion, accommodate facial hair, be TV-friendly, and is suitable for men and women. In addition, the mask should be available in different seal sizes and headgear sizes to provide a comfortable fit.

2. Technology

Evora full face mask is made with next-gen dynamic support technology to enhance performance. It should be made from VentiCool technology to give you a comfortable sleep. Also, its unique design optimizes CPAP performance all night. This technology comprises a floating seal and stability wings to keep the mask in place and allow free movement.

3. Minimal Noise

Hearing noise from your mask may signify a leak, especially if the mask doesn’t fit you snugly. In addition, a noisy mask can cause problems falling asleep. So, consider a full face mask with a removable frame clip to avoid excess noise. Also, it should have a comfortable seal to enhance breathing and be the correct size for a snug fit.

4. Low Profile

The Evora full-face mask gives you a clear line of sight to make it easy to watch TV or read with the mask on. In addition, it has a less bulky design and reduced profile and size to make you feel like you aren’t wearing a mask. Most CPAP mask users feel claustrophobic when they wear their masks. So, companies have introduced a streamlined mask profile to solve this problem.

A low-profile mask allows you to sleep comfortably regardless of your position. In the past, CPAP mask users could only sleep on their backs because of bulky masks that couldn’t let them sleep in any other position. Although some users require a specific CPAP mask, others can choose it based on their sleep position. However, it is advisable to consult your sleep specialist before choosing a CPAP mask.


CPAP masks, like Evora full face mask, are designed to provide maximum performance while maintaining less contact. It should allow free movement to let you sleep comfortably without impeding your mobility. The best full-face mask has a streamlined design for minimal contact and a flexible seal under the nose to enhance comfort.


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