Do you own a home in Topsail? Are you looking to make some extra money? You can rent out your home to vacationers! Here are three reasons to rent out your home in Topsail.

1. Higher Returns

When you rent out a home, you’re making two different types of income: rental income and capital appreciation. Because you own the home, it’s more lucrative than investing in stocks or bonds. Since homes are long-term investments, your rental income will come in immediately. 

Then, the value of your investment will increase over time as the market grows. As your property increases in value, so will the rent you receive. A rental property manager like Lewis Realty can help you manage and rent your home, so you can make the most money in Topsail.

2. Increased Bookings

Increasing your bookings is the fastest way to make more money as a vacation rental owner. By increasing your booking rate, you can maximize your profit potential. A property management company, such as Lewis Realty, can increase your bookings by advertising your listing on popular travel websites. 

They can also take care of reservations and customer service, leaving you to enjoy the spoils. Five-star reviews in all seasons will also boost your business. 

3. No Extra Costs

Owning and maintaining a second home can be expensive. Maintenance costs can quickly add up and become costly. That’s where a property management firm comes in. Lewis Realty guarantees no nickel and diming.

 This means no hidden charges and no surprises when it comes to your finances.

With a professional management team in place, you can rest assured that you’ll have less stress and more time to enjoy your return on investment. They also handle the marketing of your property online and address any issues that may arise during the rental period.

Trust The Experts To Do It Right

You’ve put in the work to make your vacation home into a beautiful and welcoming place. You don’t want to let just anyone enjoy it. That’s why working with an expert vacation rental management company you can trust is essential to get the job done right. 

When you choose to work with Lewis Realty, you’ll be paired with a local property manager who knows the Topsail area inside and out. They’ll be able to help you get the most out of your investment and provide top-notch service to your guests. 

Make More Money With Less Stress

When it comes to vacation rentals, there’s more to it than listing your home online and waiting for renters to arrive. The truth is most successful property managers spend a great deal of time managing the property to ensure guests have the best experience possible. You must be willing to do the same to start making money from your vacation rental. 

Working with an experienced professional can help you avoid the most common pitfalls associated with rental property ownership.


If you want to make more money in Topsail, you can always rent out your home. With the help of a great property manager, you’ll get higher returns, no additional costs, and increased bookings. Are you ready to get started? There’s no better time than now!


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