Our annual gross domestic product.

Our annual gross domestic product is the sum total of everything that’s produced in the United States.

Our gross domestic product is the total amount of products manufactured within the United States for purposes of consumption in the United States.

For example, if a baby boy, or the baby of a toddler is trying to make a pot, that’s still a gross domestic product.

Our gross domestic product is defined as “the aggregate product of the sale of all goods and services produced within a particular country in a given year…

Product is the sum total of the products produced in a country for purposes of consumption.

This is not a component of gross domestic product…its a component of the domestic product of the consumer.

This is the biggest problem with gross domestic product. If you’re talking about a product like a widget, you don’t count it. If you say that a widget is a part of the gross domestic product then you are implicitly saying that the widget is either produced domestically or produced within the United States.


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