Gaming Webcam

For a live-stream gamer, owning a decent webcam is a must. Though the market is littered with subpar options, there are decent contenders out there too. That being said, certain things are essential in order to get the correct model. This guide takes a look at what to look for before you make a webcam purchase. 

Mic Quality

Mic quality can be the deciding factor as to whether or not a webcam is up to standard. Even if everything else about the device is great, if the microphone is subpar it doesn’t matter. Audio is a big part of live streaming so it needs to be crisp, it needs to be clear, and it needs to be discernable. If the mic is crackling, distorted, or cannot replicate the correct decibel then it is one to avoid. 

Privacy Shutter

The privacy shutter is in place for personal protection. This is to stop anyone with unauthorized access from gaining control or possession of private material. It also combats any hacking attempts. It’s definitely a bonus feature, but not all cameras come equipped with one. To save yourself having to put a piece of paper over the lens, search for a model that has an in-built privacy shutter. Though it may not always be an issue, staying safe online is easy to do and it can make your life easier if you don’t have to think about it. 


Resolution is the main event, right? The camera should be able to produce a visually pleasing image, otherwise, what is the point in having it? For gamers, the resolution needs to be on point. The whole point of having one is to show content and similar. Therefore, shopping around for a good gaming webcam becomes much easier when you understand what resolution to look for. Generally speaking, a rating of 1080p/60hz is the best place to start, anything above that is a bonus and will only improve the translated on-screen image. 

Flexibility and Positioning

Finally, where do you need your webcam to go? If you like to move it around and get different angles, then the need for a flexible device is relevant. If you want it anchored to the spot, a solid model that comes with a stand is a good option. Whichever your preference, the webcam has to work for you. Some webcams are just unable to offer the degree of flexibility that others can. So to find something that moves about more easily consider a webcam with an extended flex-attachment stand. If the camera needs to stay put, invest in a decent stand to protect from unnecessary fallings and consequential breakages. 

Gaming webcams can be a lot of fun and finding the right one for live-streaming purposes is a multi-step process. Make a list of requirements and prepare to buckle down and do some research in order to get the best available option for your money. Expect to spend upwards of $100 for a good quality device that can enable your online platform to thrive and prosper.


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