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The Islamic education system in Pakistan is one of the most corrupt in the world. A recent study out of the Government of Pakistan shows a stark example of this corruption. For the fourth year running, a study by the State Information Commission was conducted to determine how many teachers were getting salaries because they were just not able to teach kids.

Apparently, the Islamic education system in Pakistan is in utter shambles. In an effort to fight corruption, the government recently launched a five-year pilot program to give teachers pay raises. It’s a good thing the Islamic education system is even half-bad because it really highlights the need for government to improve its own education system.

In the last few months we’ve been playing with the idea that the government will provide teachers with a 10-year certificate. And we’ve been working with the state to get teachers to give 5-year certificates.

The problem is that this is, in fact, a bad idea. Teachers want pay raises, and they have a long history of being very reluctant to give them. This is because teachers give the most excellent teaching jobs, which are only going to get better if the state gives them more pay. The main reason teachers aren’t giving up their positions is that they still want more pay.

It’s hard to understand what the problem is here. After all, teachers are still teachers. If the state wants to pay them more, they should do it. To be fair, teachers should probably be paid more than they are now, but their salary should only allow them to do the very best teaching jobs.

The problem isn’t teachers themselves. It’s the system that’s stacked in their favor. The schools are set up to be a big profit center for the school board. The teachers are still teachers, but their salaries are still so low (for example, on average, teachers have about a $15,000 annual salary) that they don’t have any real incentive to work hard to become the best teachers possible.

This is a problem that exists in every public school system I’ve ever seen. But it’s also one that the current system has to deal with. If the teachers are incentivized to work hard to become the best teachers possible, then they will. That’s true whether it’s the high salaries or the small salaries. And it’s the students that are the ones who suffer from this.

For example, the system is broken in places like Florida because the schools are getting rid of middle school teachers. This has real-world ramifications for children, who are now missing out on learning important skills while their teachers are struggling to make a living. And just like in our own country, the schools are also getting rid of professors for not being sufficiently competent.

The problem is, these jobs are so much more lucrative in the West that they’re not worth the high salaries they used to be. The system is broken because the more money you make, the more you have to take home. In the West, the salary for a school teacher is still over $60,000, while in the United States it’s under $30,000. It’s a $15,000 difference.

The problem may not be that the system is broken, but that it’s not that the salaries are too high. The problem is that the jobs are too safe for so many talented people. There are plenty of teachers that haven’t been able to find jobs because in the West, high salaries are considered the status symbol for success. It’s not that this is a problem; it’s that it’s a symptom of one.


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