Many people are excited about the big rollout of the new 5G network, which promises faster speeds and connectivity for all internet-using devices. Many people are also concerned about how certain companies will use this new technology for surveillance, like “smart cities.” However, some great features come with it that you might not have thought about! Here is a little overview of why you should be excited for 5G without worrying too much about your privacy.

Enhanced Speed

5G networks will have faster speeds than previous generations. While 4G allowed for up to 100 Mbps, this is more than 10x faster than what was possible with 2G. While we’re not sure exactly how fast Singapore 5G networks will be, we can expect them to be between 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps, representing a 1000x increase over the fastest 4G mobile connection today.

Lower Latency

Latency implies the time it takes for data to get from one point to another. 5G networks will offer lower latency than 4G did, which should translate into faster response times for various applications.

The Internet of Things will go mainstream.

This technology is expected to bring an increased adoption rate for IoT devices with faster speeds and small data packets thanks to the advanced bandwidth capabilities offered by 5G networks, making it favorable for future IoT innovation. That also means people will have more freedom and choice regarding managing their homes and businesses.

Increased digital accessibility

With 5G coverage, every citizen will gain access to quality information at any time by just using their smartphones. That means anyone can now access internet-based services such as banking, medical support, and education without moving further away from home or work to connect live with others through their phones via the cloud.

Increased mobility

The advent of 5G means individuals will be able to work from wherever they are, improving their ability to be mobile and move around at will. That means the sky is the limit for those interested in starting up a business and being able to reach out across all kinds of locations to grow their customer base.

Wireless charging and high-speed data transfers

With this new high-speed network, charging stations will have longer ranges, allowing people to charge their phones anywhere they’re currently working on something without having to carry heavy batteries around every time they need it. That mobility will also allow for faster data transfers and higher speeds when sending large files or streaming videos in groups, which can dramatically improve work efficiency.

5G is the latest in a series of new technologies that have been released to enhance network coverage and connectivity. 5G will provide data speeds up to 10x faster than the current 4G LTE and give customers a better experience when streaming, playing games, or browsing the web. It also has applications for other industries like automotive and autonomous driving. As people’s reliance on technology becomes more and more apparent, networks need to be able to handle this demand at high speeds.

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