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No matter how good you are at sales, if your conversion rate is low then there’s a chance that you’re falling short. Here are 5 signs to look for: 1) The number of people visiting your site has decreased 2) You’ve seen an increase in the number of time visitors spend on your page before they leave 3) Your bounce rate has increased significantly 4) Fewer people have subscribed to your newsletter or engaged with any other form of marketing campaigns from you recently 5) You haven’t noticed an uptick in sales Some of these can be caused by other factors, but if you notice two or more of the aforementioned signs then it may be time to re-evaluate your sales strategy. A good first step in this situation would be to speak with a trusted colleague and discuss how they are able to successfully generate conversions on their site. This might also provide some insight into what didn’t work for you so that you know where to improve. You can also take advantage of free online tools such as Google Analytics which allow you to analyze visitors’ browsing habits and measure engagement from various marketing campaigns – just keep in mind that the data provided won’t always tell the whole story because not every visitor is equally engaged! With that said, Google Analytics will offer


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