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Can’t hide love lyrics by Marcus Miller are the perfect example of how important it is to not only use music to express your feelings but also words. These words and melody tell a story about falling in love, being with someone you care for deeply, and the feeling that comes from these things. Take a listen! After listening to the song, it’s easy to understand that this is a very personal and emotional experience. The lyrics are raw and in-depth about what being with someone you love means. It starts out as an impression of falling deep for someone when they come into your life: “It was so sudden/I walked right through my door”. This person seems happy at first but soon realizes more serious feelings start creeping in on him: “People ask me why I’m always down.” He starts questioning his own thoughts before realizing he needs to be with her no matter how difficult things may get because he doesn’t want their time together taken away from them (“Can’t hide love”). This individual will stop anything she has planned just to


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