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Demi Lovato’s song “I Promised Myself” is one of the most popular songs on YouTube, with over 400 million views. It’s a great tune and it has been recorded by many other artists in various languages. One of my favorite recordings is from Mason Musso who does an acoustic guitar version that sounds like he was playing live in front of a small audience rather than recording in a studio. Here are the complete lyrics: I promised myself I wouldn’t cry But now you’re gone away and all my promises to myself seem so far-fetched. (..) Now one by one they’re breaking down, each promise that I’ve made to someone else or me Cause there are no more chances for love; it’s not in the cards anymore for me. All of this time spent waiting around has finally caught up with me. And if I don’t tell anyone out loud how much I miss you then maybe it won’t hurt as bad sometimes when it feels like something is missing inside of me And if we never speak again will that mean nothing happened? That we didn’t feel anything at all? Cause what


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