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Can’t Help Falling in Love is a beautiful song that has been remixed and re-imagined by Loops And Lasers. They have created an upbeat remix with a modern twist to this classic love ballad. The original lyrics are sung over electronic music, which makes it perfect for today’s dance club scene! It is also available to download on iTunes and AmazonMP3. See the remix in action, below! Laser lights flash as a female voice sings “can’t help falling in love with you” over and over. The song starts out slow but soon progresses into an upbeat dance beat. As the music speeds up, so does the female’s singing and energy on screen. A male dancer enters to keep time with her. He is dressed like Elvis Presley while she wears all black; they are a perfect match for this modern take on Can’t Help Falling In Love by Loops And Lasers The original lyrics of “I can’t stop loving you now that I found you/it seems no matter what I do my heart still surrenders” have been re


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