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It’s really hard to keep your head up when you’re in love. And even harder if you can’t help falling in love with the lyrics of 21 pilots. Lyrics have a powerful way of giving insight into the human experience and that is what we are going to explore today. Some people might say that 21 pilots’ lyrics are sad, but we think they’re just honest and raw. Maybe it’s because the two members of the group have been through a lot together and know each other very well. They’ve seen each other at their best and worst – there is no filter for them to hide behind in song form. But this honesty also creates something beautiful as you watch them intertwine with one another on stage or see how deeply intertwined their relationship seems offstage too. It gives us hope that maybe someday someone will love us like Tyler loves Josh or vice versa, even if all these feelings seem so complicated now. And there’s nothing wrong with feeling confused when it comes to love since sometimes our minds want one thing


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