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I have some great ideas for you! This is a list of my favorite things. My favorite color is blue. I like to swim and eat ice cream. Sometimes I have a nap after lunchtime so that’s why sometimes my bedsheets are wet in the morning time with drool on them! My favorite food is pizza because it tastes really good and has cheese on top of it but some people don’t like cheese which means they won’t try it, but luckily there can be substitutes for different things you might not like about something else. Like if someone doesn’t want lettuce or tomatoes, then instead of ordering a salad they could order an appetizer without those ingredients inside. This way everyone will get what they want out of their meal even though it may seem difficult at first glance – just start with small steps and it will work out in the end. I like to write things down, I could list them all here for you but there are too many! You’ll have to come back again another time if you want me to tell you about what else is on my mind. But maybe a few of these ideas may interest your readers as well so that’s why I’m telling you about them right now: – Going camping with friends (even though they might be scared!) – Taking an ice cream break every day after school or going swimming whenever we can’t find anyone around who wants to play soccer or just go exploring together instead of getting bored – Playing board games at home when we get tired of watching TV because those


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