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In the olden days, a song was just that: a melody is sung by one person. Over time, songs have evolved to include lyrics and chords. This blog post is about love songs with lyrics and chords such as “I Can’t Get Over You” by Norah Jones. Bullet Point: – History of Love Songs with lyrics and chords – The evolution into songs that contain lyrics and guitar chords. – Examples include “I Can’t Get Over You” by Norah Jones, which has been a popular song for decades because it offers an example of love in the modern age. bullet point text.. bullet point text.. bullet point text ..etcetera .. etcetera .. etcetera ..etcetera .. etcetera .. et cetera.. et CETA pouciam venire ad salutem nostram ut vidistis nos hic esse non possumus (we are here to offer you our greetings as you see us here we cannot come to you) At this point I’ll break down how each chord is played on a guitar so you can play along with your favorite tune! Here are some sample barred chords from the key of E major: Emaj = x 0 22 00 00 Bmaj=x 1234 33 00 Amaj=x 0123 224 004 Dadd11 or D


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