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can’t find it. Trying to find the blog post is hard. The description says nothing about what you are looking for but it looks like a blog post so we’d try in there first. The content itself does not say anything else, just that its difficult to find and no one knows where it is at all.

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So maybe this isn’t the right place?

There’s no way of knowing unless someone finds it soon! **Content Missing – Please enter more details** What would your next paragraph be about? Imagine if they found the missing progress report or something awesome happened with their search: how do you think they feel now? What would happen differently because of them locating that document/thing? Use those thoughts as inspiration when writing your next paragraph. You can find the missing progress report!

Awesome, right? You’re so relieved that you don’t have to worry about it anymore and now you feel more motivated because your worries are gone. Now all you need to do is get back on track with what needs to be done in order for this project of yours to succeed! Rambling thoughts: What would happen if they found the lost document? How does their mood change as a result of finding it? Use those answers as inspiration when writing out your next paragraphs-write from the perspective of someone who just finds something after searching long and hard.. ** I’m sorry, but we couldn’t find anything matching “found”. Please enter at least one keyword or item


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