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Many people notice that they can’t extend their arm fully after a workout, and are wondering what is going on. This article will help you understand why this happens, and provide some exercises to help correct the issue.

The first section of your opening text should introduce the content title in an interesting way such as “How much money do you want to make?” or “Can’t Extend Your Arm After a Workout? Read More.” The second section of your opening text should introduce the problem or issue that you will be addressing in this blog post.

This sentence can also serve as an introduction to why the reader would want to read this article, such as “This article gives some tips and exercises on how to overcome a short arm after workout” or “Can’t extend your arm? Read More.”

Your first paragraph should establish what is happening with the subject’s lower arms and provide context for readers who may not know about it. These sentences are best written if they explain why someone might experience something like this. For example: -No one really knows why people start noticing their inability to fully extend their arms after workouts, but experts have given theories on possible


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