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I can’t do it like you, I’m not built like that. I’m not standing on my own two feet, so please don’t ask me to. But if you want to love me and be my man, I’ll never say no again. I’ll never say no again, I’m sorry for being so mean.  The Chainsmokers Don’t tell me that it’s all about the money and you don’t need my love,” she sings on “Can’t Do It Like Me.” And when he tells her to get out of his house in a rage over something small, she caves: “It takes more than just an argument or two before I can leave/And go be with someone else who loves me better.” But by the end of the song, after so much pleading from both sides for some sort of balance between their needs, they’re back together. As always, this relationship is complicated—mostly because they are not good at communicating what they want


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