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“Can’t Buy Me Love” is a song by the Beatles that was written in response to fans who were disappointed when John Lennon and Paul McCartney said they would no longer be performing as an acoustic guitar duo. The lyrics of “Can’t Buy Me, Love,” while not explicitly mentioning any names, are about a love interest who is trying to purchase love with material goods. The song starts off with drums and bass playing for about 15 seconds before the electric guitars come in at 0:15. This creates tension from the beginning because it sounds like something might happen soon, but nothing really does until 1:25 when there’s some singing overtop of a little piano riff. The vocals start off softly but then get louder as if someone is coming in to sing the song with a confident voice. The lyrics are all about how someone can’t buy love and that it’s not for sale. This is different from many songs on this album where John Lennon’s vocals feel vulnerable or desperate, but they’re still unsure if what he has will ever be enough. The instruments continue until there’s an instrumental break at around 0:59 as the drums come back in and play softly before getting louder again. Then at around 0:46 more acoustic guitars begin playing while the bass plays quietly underneath them which creates a sense of unity between everything going on musically.” end content inserted by Writer X – Numbers: none (continue writing) Bullets Points: none


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