agility, ballet, dancing @ Pixabay

I’m a rich girl with nothing to do. I’ve got cash, but it’s not what makes me happy. Money can’t buy you love, and it won’t make you dance. I want something that will show the world that all of my riches are just for show. I want to be able to buy someone’s life. That way, everyone will know that I’m just a poser with no real money and not live in my fantasy world. What kind of person would put up with me if they knew how much money I had? But all these people who keep telling me what is wrong about being rich are really the ones that need help! It seems like “poor” people don’t have any self-confidence or anything else going for them except thinking riches are bad. They must feel inferior at some level because we’re so superficial and privileged. If you were born into wealth then it doesn’t mean you’ll stay wealthy forever, but there is nothing more valuable than an education–even


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