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It’s easy to get stressed out and feel like you can’t break free. Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but there are some songs that can help relieve those stressful emotions. Whether you’re feeling down because of a breakup or just need to release some pent-up anger, these 10 songs may be able to give you what you need. – “Listen” by Beyoncé Beyoncé is always a great artist to listen to when you’re feeling down. This song speaks about how no matter what happens in life, it’s important not to give up and keep moving forward. When she says “Can’t break me down,” that’s exactly what she means. It may seem impossible at times but nothing can stop her from living the best life possible. The lyrics are upbeat and catchy so they’ll be stuck in your head all day, even if you don’t want them there! The video for this track features Oprah Winfrey which only makes it more motivating since anyone else would have been inspiring enough already. “As Long As I’m Living” by Creed


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