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“When you can’t blame a girl for trying,” says the title of this blog post. The author wants to share his love of playing the ukulele with everyone who is interested in learning how to play it. This blog post will provide information on what instruments are needed, where to find them, and what kind of strings should be used. In addition, there will be a video that goes over some beginner chords and strumming techniques so that people can start as soon as they finish reading! Want to learn how to play the ukulele? Read on, and you’ll be strumming in no time! You will need an instructional book or a video tutorial. Ukuleles are relatively inexpensive instruments that can be found at any music store that carries stringed instruments (even Walmart!). They come with four strings; there is also a fifth string known as the ‘ukulele bass’. Strings for the instrument should be made of nylon, not steel. Acoustic guitars are probably too heavy to hold up between your legs while sitting down so they’re out for this activity. The first thing most people notice about making chords when playing guitar is that it’s easy! The chord layout looks like two circles overlapping


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