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“I can’t be saved, I’ve been too close to death,” sings the voice on this song. It is one of the most powerful lyrics we have heard in a while and it carries with it an important message about mental health and suicide prevention. It’s also a warning for those who are feeling lost that they need to take action before it’s too late. The lyrics were written by Amy Winehouse as a hopeful message to herself when she felt like there was no way out. It is one of her most iconic songs and has been covered many times but it’s never forgotten because what the song says still rings true in our minds today, especially with all the celebrity suicides we have seen in recent years. “I can’t be saved” looks at how addiction and mental health issues can make living an unbearable burden for us that leads to depression or suicide while also being about not wanting others going through life alone feeling unheard or unloved.” Almost six months ago my best friend committed suicide,” begins this post by Mara Wilson on Vice News Tonight (VNT). She goes on to describe Dr. John


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