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“Can’t be loved, can’t be touched, just a memory of what it used to be. I want you here with me now.” This is the chorus for a song by Laura Marling titled “Once”. The song talks about a person who is alone and wants someone to love them. This song reminds me of myself because even though I have many people around me that care about me, sometimes it still feels like they’re not there. I used to have this girl I loved, and she would do anything for me. But now that we’re not together anymore, it’s like all the love has disappeared. It feels like there is nothing left in my life but her absence. As a result of being alone so often, I’ve become someone who doesn’t want to be touched or hugged by anyone because they remind me of what could’ve been with this person from my past who was always there for me when nobody else was. Sometimes it seems as if these are one-sided feelings – sadness without any happiness ever coming back into my life again.” This blog post talks about how even though people try to love you, sometimes it just hurts too much, and can t


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